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2017/12/28 Thursday product information

Laquer Ware named deepening - solidity of Wajima Nuri

Wajima Nuri is one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products of Ishikawa.   There are various opinions, but it is said that "door (shunuritobira) said to that we were made in the Muromachi era painted in red" is old in Wajima Nuri most. ※The title page painted in red is Wajima...

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2017/11/28 Tuesday product information

Strong Koshu Inden which is loved by general public

"Traveler touched drawstring purse of shammy to waist, and there was descent called ..." in one of "foot journey out of Tokaido" said to that one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products Koshu Inden of Yamanashi was written late in the Edo era and was used for general public from the time. & n..

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2017/9/14 Thursday product information

Shoin-zukuri was enacted to Aoyama square

There was Shoin-zukuri in corner of artisan corner of Aoyama square.     Shoin-zukuri became forerunner of tea-ceremony room, and it is known that we already met in the Heian era. &...

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2017/6/20 Tuesday product information

Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku which spread out by side job of samurai

When daimyo's alternate-year residence in Tokyo was carried out in the early period of Edo era, it is Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku to have caught eye of local daimyos. Basket and colander were made from that time.     Samurais living in Suruga district are inner...

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2017/5/18 Thursday product information

Unique Tsuboya Yaki which continues being powerful

  There is Ceramics which is continued making from old days for approximately 300 years in Okinawa.   It is Tsuboya Yaki which is appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products now. Although we are made from the 15th century, production center is formed...

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2017/4/21 Friday product information

Aoyama square of April

It is the latter half in April and is GW soon.   GW is Aoyama square, and please come to play in many demonstrations and experiencing.   Aoyama is squarer the other day, Niigata Shikki...

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2017/3/7 Tuesday product information

Aoyama square of March

Cold finally fades, too, We came to feel coming of spring.   Redecoration of central stage is over, and even Aoyama square turns into display toward May.   & nbs...

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2017/1/10 Tuesday product information

The world of historical Ojiya Chijimi that technique to come for a long time was made by the cause

In Ojiya-shi, Niigata, What's called "hemp shrinkage" was woven.   We thought whether you could not improve hemp shrinkage more and succeeded in putting wrinkle (wrinkle in careful wave).   In this...

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2016/12/27 Tuesday product information

Aoyama square of December

We stayed, and there became a few this year. Business of this year of Aoyama square is until 28th tomorrow, too.   In now central stage, Plum blossoms have already bloomed.   [caption i...

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2016/11/29 Tuesday product information

Laquer Ware - Wakasa Nuri ... which let you embody the world of the bottom of the sea

  There is two Laquer Ware appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products in Fukui. One of those is "Wakasa Nuri".   Wakasa Nuri is the beginning of 17th century, The bottom of the Gulf of Kohama is graphically designed at the lacquering Bon Festival of Chugoku by hint...

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