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2019/3/7 Thursday product information

Helmet and armor equalled Aoyama square

March begins, Helmet and armor formed a line in central stage of Aoyama square for May.       Kind that helmet and armor and doll for the Boy's Festival of each production center arrive, and there will be many from now on...

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2019/1/4 Friday product information

Aoyama square of January

A Happy New Year. Aoyama square is usually from today business!   The Dolls' Festival has been already given glory to in shop.     At now central corner, This;...

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2018/11/22 Thursday product information

We put cute wild boar

This year is another just a little over one month, too. Sexagenary cycle "wild boar" of the Heisei last begins to equal Aoyama square.   What wild boars of each production center begin to form a line, but will put to Aoyama square now from now on Washi Paper, Ceramics,...

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2018/6/28 Thursday product information

Odate Mage Wappa which supports culture of tree from dining table

Odate Mage Wappa is still Officially designated Traditional craft products of popular Akita.   It is assumed opening that woodcutter made container of bending in sugimasa and develops as side job of lower grade samurai by encouragement of feudal clan in the late 17th century...

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2018/6/11 Monday product information

Decoration technology is abundant. Aizu Nuri which attracts eyes of person

Aizu Nuri is Officially designated Traditional craft products made in land around Aizuwakamatsu-shi of Fukushima. From stage that make a lot of Laquer Ware for day, and is early to foreign countries exported.   Production process is the making of bare wood, the making of groundwork, the top...

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2018/3/19 Monday product information

Spatula of powerful looks - Iga Yaki

There is place where Ceramics formed a line in corner of Aoyama square.   It is Iga Yaki to bring on powerful presence in that.     To seem roughness, Delicacy...

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2018/3/8 Thursday product information

Doll for the Boy's Festival in Aoyama square

The Girl's Festival was over, and display of doll for the Boy's Festival began soon on Aoyama square center stage today when one week was going to pass.   There are few helmet and armor, but petty person has already gathered still more...

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2017/12/28 Thursday product information

Laquer Ware named deepening - solidity of Wajima Nuri

Wajima Nuri is one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products of Ishikawa.   There are various opinions, but it is said that "door (shunuritobira) said to that we were made in the Muromachi era painted in red" is old in Wajima Nuri most. ※The title page painted in red is Wajima...

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2017/11/28 Tuesday product information

Strong Koshu Inden which is loved by general public

"Traveler touched drawstring purse of shammy to waist, and there was descent called ..." in one of "foot journey out of Tokaido" said to that one of the Officially designated Traditional craft products Koshu Inden of Yamanashi was written late in the Edo era and was used for general public from the time. & n..

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2017/9/14 Thursday product information

Shoin-zukuri was enacted to Aoyama square

There was Shoin-zukuri in corner of artisan corner of Aoyama square.     Shoin-zukuri became forerunner of tea-ceremony room, and it is known that we already met in the Heian era. &...

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