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2016/10/6 Thursday product information

Iga Kumihimo which spins relationship

One of the Officially designated Traditional craft products of Mie has "Iga Kumihimo".   To appoint in Officially designated Traditional craft products, The history more than 100 years is required, but technique of braid of Iga Kumihimo the Nara era (71...

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2016/8/22 Monday product information

Aoyama square of August

We were coming to an end, but summer of Aoyama square is not over still more in the summer either.   Mainichi where hot day leads to, We come to look at required item, and how in the summer?   [...

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2016/7/6 Wednesday product information

Hida Shunkei which winning by taking two half-points of woodworker and painter glistens with

 The Officially designated Traditional craft products "Hida Shunkei" of Gifu history dates back to the early period of Edo era. ju which the leader of carpenter sees Spanish mackerel of clean grain of wood, and makes tray, and is the present head of a household of Takayama castle at the time, child of Yoshishige Kanamori...

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2016/6/14 Tuesday product information

Izushi Yaki equalled permanent construction of Aoyama square

Officially designated Traditional craft products Izushi Yaki of Hyogo came to equal permanent exhibition of Aoyama square! [caption id="attachment_14246" align="alignnone" width="...

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2016/5/31 Tuesday product information

Banshu Soroban equals Aoyama square from June!

 One of the Officially designated Traditional craft products "Banshu Soroban" will equal Aoyama square from June!  Thing which we arranged for children not tool which only calculated number even if we said abacus...

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2016/5/26 Thursday product information

Tsugaru Nuri ... named Japanese northernmost Laquer Ware - solidity

Mainichi where has high temperature. How about thinking about Japanese northern country at such time? In Laquer Ware authorized as Officially designated Traditional craft products, do you think to be thing at the northernmost part of Japan? It is Tsugaru Nuri. Tsugaru Nuri...

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2016/4/7 Thursday product information

Tobe Yaki which was born from trial and error

Officially designated Traditional craft products "Tobe Yaki" of Ehime. When it was now, it was one of the famous earthenware, but there were the times when we repeated failure over and over again before Tobe Yaki was completed as industrial art object. [caption id="at...

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2016/4/4 Monday product information

New product of Aoyama square April

The new year began, and new products were had to Aoyama square. Two Officially designated Traditional craft products which was in permanent exhibition newly from this month. At first the first is Hagi Yaki. [caption id="attachment_12490...

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2016/3/8 Tuesday product information

Ten thousand old roast which came more than history

Yokkaichi Banko Yaki is Officially designated Traditional craft products which came more than various times. The oldest thing is said to be "old ten thousand old roast", and it is in the middle, and it is said to be opening in the Edo era that business magnate, Rozan Nunami of Kuwana did open kiln. But after having done for a while...

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2016/3/3 Thursday product information

Helmet did to Aoyama square

Hina doll of various production centers was displayed to center part of Aoyama square after it was over in year. But today is March 3. Okay, it is day of the Doll's Festival. Hina doll is good as far as clear up early, but late...

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