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2017/1/14 Saturday production center visit report

The history and the future of Arimatsu Narumi Shibori 400 years

There is just what old mansions of several form a line when we go down Nagoya-shi, Aichi, Arimatsu Station. It is historical cityscape which develops as tie-dyed production center, and is appointed in important traditional buildings preservation district. One of such an old mansions is existence...

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2016/11/17 Thursday production center visit report

Attractive ... which is infinite with glaze of Akazu Yaki - seven

 Do you know ceramic ware called Akazu Yaki? There may be few people that the place name of Akatsu appeals as the name of ceramic ware. Long industrial art object of the serious history that Akazu Yaki is earthenware which, by the way, is made called Akazucho in Seto-shi, and is counted in Japanese six Old kiln...

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2016/8/26 Friday production center visit report

Seto Sometsuke Yaki of town Seto of ceramic ware

It is land which is famous as Seto-shi, Aichi, production center of Ceramics. Generally, words "setomono" pointing at Ceramics comes from this place name. Because high quality clay was produced, it developed for a long time as production center of earthenware. It is tableware, physics and chemistry even now...

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2015/9/12 Saturday production center visit report

Festival of hot spring souvenir kokeshi doll

 Kokeshi doll which is got close to as northeastern hot spring souvenir. May there be one body and two in home of everybody? Such a kokeshi doll went to see festival of the leading role. Is train from Sendai-shi, Miyagi; in mountain of approximately one and a half hours Naruko Onsenkyo...

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2015/9/9 Wednesday production center visit report

It is wazaari here Japanese! Arrival at daily life Yumihama Gasuri ... of ... cotton

 Although there is many, person to have a crush on suffers from the present age, kimono which came to be available at price that all kinds of clothes are handy with one hundreds of thousands of, and it is the current situation that there seem to be various kinds of rules very much, and care cannot readily reach with ......

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2015/9/1 Tuesday production center visit report

It is wazaari here Japanese! gi of Izumo Ishidoro which ... small bird is pleased with

 Small birds seem to love bathe. That bathe is indispensable to keep hydration and important feather clean. Lovers of small bird installs place "bird bus" of bathing of small bird in garden, and of small bird...

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2015/8/27 Thursday production center visit report

It is wazaari here Japanese! Boshu Uchiwa ... which passed from ... Edo era

 Traditional tool, round fan which ride out summer of atsuiatsui Japan. Recently may there be much that we used only it which is made of plastic? However, if use bamboo round fan once, ryo of the feel...

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2015/8/5 Wednesday production center visit report

It is wazaari here Japanese! ... Nibutani, village ... of Ainu

 Race, Ainu who live in Hokkaido for a long time. About these people and culture, what kind of image do you have? You wrap the body in folk costume, and will you still live a life without electricity? Or culture that is swallowed up by wave of civilization, and is traditional is shitsu...

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