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Chiba design tool

Chiba Artisan Tools

Metalworking product

Because iron manufacture, ** was performed in Boso Peninsula which was production center of iron sand from the ancient times, and stock raising such as dairy farming and upbringing of military horse became popular other than large-scale river construction, newly reclaiming a rice field in the Edo era, production technology of tool for necessary design developed. Width of tool to make after the Meiji Restoration was widely known to the whole country as expanse, production center of design tool

Steel making and forging have been carried out since olden times in the iron sand mining site of Boso Peninsula. Techniques for producing required artisan tools were developed not only because of the large-scale river works and paddy cultivation that were carried out during the Edo Period, but also because of animal husbandry, including dairy farming and raising war horses. The types of tools that were produced in the peninsula expanded after the Meiji Restoration, and it became known throughout Japan as an artisan tool production site.


Boshu Uchiwa

Boshu Rigid Fans

Other Crafts

It is the Edo era that the making of round fan began in Kanto. Awa was production center of bamboo which became materials of round fan in those days. The making of round fan in Awa was said to be from about 1877 and seemed to be produced as big product of Awa-gun in 1884 (Meiji 17).

The making of rigid fans in the Kanto area centered on Edo (Tokyo), began sometime during the Edo period (1600-1868), when the nearby province of Boshu was producing quantities of bamboo for fans. The actual making of what has come to be known as the Boshu rigid fan, however, started sometime toward the end of the 1870s and by 1884, these fans were the biggest selling item produced in the area's Awa county.