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Tobe Yaki

Tobe Ware


It is in the middle of the Edo era, and it does by opening to have brought ceramist from Hizen of current Nagasaki that was known as thought, production center of porcelain so that we let raw materials produce porcelain, and feudal lord makes local clay for chinaware fiscal help of feudal clan.

In the middle of the 18th century, the local clan head felt that it would be possible to improve clan finances by producing porcelain using a locally found kaolin. Potters experienced in the making of porcelain from the region of present-day Nagasaki Prefecture were brought to the area and this marked the beginning of porcelain making in Tobe.


Ozu Washi

Ozu Paper

Washi Paper

Paper of Iyo comes out to "Engi era expression" (engishiki) written in the Heian era. When the making of paper prospered in historical fact as industry in feudal clan from place where Buddhist priest instructed technique as master of papermaking (he does) kino of Ozu feudal clan in the middle of Edo era, there is.

While mention is made of an Iyo paper in the Engishiki, an official document on court protocol written in the Heian period (794-1185), hard facts about Ozu Washi do not exist until the 18th century. The monk, Zennoshin was responsible for teaching people how to make paper, when he came to one of the villages of the Ozu clan, and what developed into a craft industry flourished under the protection and patronage of the clan.