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Miyakonojo Daikyu

Miyakonojo Bows

Woodcraft, Bamboo Craftwork

Deer Shigeru Kojima is descending arbalest, and what was made flourishingly remains for record late in the Edo era. The Meiji era began, and next Kusumi parent and child who lived trained craftsman made with many bows from Sendai district. Early in the Showa era, it was in large production center where product was sold to in East Asia partly because we were blessed with abundant raw materials.

Closely connected with the history of Kagoshima, there are documents verifying that just after the middle of the 19th century, the making of Miyakonojo Daikyu was a thriving local craft and by the end of the century, many bow makers had been instructed in the craft by two generations of the locally residing Kusumi family. Blessed with plentiful supplies of locally obtainable raw materials, the craft developed and by the 1920s bows were being sold in East Asia.