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Takayama Chasen

Takayama Tea Whisks

Woodcraft, Bamboo Craftwork

It is in the middle of the Muromachi era, and thing which son of Takayama feudal lord made by request of Juko Murata who is the founder of tea ceremony does by opening.

The making of tea whisks began in the middle of the Muromachi period (1333-1568), when the younger son of the lord of Takayama was asked to make a whisk by Murata Juko, who had been instrumental in perfecting the tea ceremony. Thereafter, the production method was kept a guarded secret by the lord of the castle and his family and was carefully handed down from generation to generation.


Nara Fude

Nara Brushes

Writing tools and Abacus

When the sea of the sky crossed to Tang now approximately 1,200 years ago, be full of methods of the making of writing brush, and the history made with writing brush of Nara begins in having conveyed the technique to resident of Yamato country after having returned to Japan.

When the monk Kukai journeyed to China some 1,200 years ago, he made a study of brush making there and on his return, he passed on his knowledge to people living in the province of Yamatokoku that is now called Nara Prefecture. This marked the beginnings of brush making here.


Nara sumi

Writing tools and Abacus

Nara sumi is sumi produced in Nara-shi, Nara. Because it was said that it began in place of Asuka, and there was much shrines and temples to Nara even after the capital moved to Kyoto, studio of sumi which was necessary for copying of a sutra and study remained in Nara. We maintain tradition long to date since ink stick made from lamp soot said to collect soot of votive light of kyofukujini*bo in Nara-shi, Nara, and to have made gets fame as high quality "Nara sumi".