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Ibaraki Tochigi

Yuki Tsumugi

Yuki Pongee

Woven textiles

In the Yuki, Ibaraki district, sericulture business was prosperous for a long time, and pongee was made as the use of by-product in the slack season for farmers and has already put in the Imperial Court in the Nara era.

The Yuki area of Ibaraki Prefecture had been a center for sericulture since ancient times. Based on this, Yuki Tsumugi was woven during slack periods of the farming year and cloth was supplied to the Imperial Court during the Nara period (710-794).


Mashiko Yaki

Mashiko Ware


It began under the influence of middle part, Kasama Yaki of the 19th century. Early Mashiko Yaki caught support of feudal clan and baked daily necessities, and thing made in that way was used in kitchen of Edo.

The distinctive Mashiko style of pottery developed sometime about the middle of the 19th century having come under the influence of Kasama Yaki. In the early days, everyday articles were made with the support of the local clan and many of the pieces found their way into the kitchens of Edo.