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Hikone Butsudan

Hikone Household Buddhist Altars

Household Buddhist Altars and Fittings

Because it was in the middle of the Edo era and recommended to armorer, painter (master), worker with high technique in Hikone feudal clan to leave production of arms, and to be engaged in production of Household Buddhist Altars , the making of Household Buddhist Altars began as small household industry from that time.

Gradually during the 18th century, highly skilled armorers, lacquerers and other artisans were encouraged by the Hikone clan to work on the making of household altars, at first more or less as a ""cottage industry"". Subsequently with the rise in popularity of Buddhism and the patronage of the Hikone clan, a production center became established, forming the foundations of the small craft industry as it exists today.


Satsuma Yaki

Satsuma Ware


Satsuma Yaki was begun in the days of position of Bunroku, the Keicho era by ceramists of the Rhee Dynasty which feudal lord Shimazu at the time brought back from Korea.

The origins of Satsuma Yaki date back to the 16th century. The local feudal lord, Shimazu, returned from the Korean peninsular with some potters who helped to get things started.