Officially designated Traditional craft products news

Officially designated Traditional craft products news

Archive: March, 2018

2018/3/30 Officially designated Traditional craft products

We aim for Buddha bubble temple, small Household Buddhist Altars 20-40 generations of Echizen Washi

 French bubble temple (Fukui-shi) of Household Buddhist Altars repair develops small Household Buddhist Altars "Washi Paper footpace" which used Echizen Washi and reinforcement corrugated cardboard for material and begins sale from May. Because we raise design and do not take place either, we anticipate demand of 20-40 generations to purchase Household Buddhist Altars for the first time led by apartment household of urban area. We aim at 500 a year sale by three years later.
 "Washi Paper footpace" of new product developed jointly with Household Buddhist Altars maker in Fukui, corrugated cardboard processing company. We prepare two kinds of rectangle and semicolumn form and can choose color, pattern of Washi Paper including brush pattern from five. As for the size, rectangle is 40 centimeters in height X 50 centimeters in width X 20 centimeters in depth. Semicircle pilaster becomes 47 centimeters in height X 40 centimeters in width X 20 centimeters in depth.
 As for the weight, it is half in comparison with general Household Buddhist Altars of approximately 2 kilos and the size all the following lightness. We can hang on wall.
 In late years, according to the company, demand for small Household Buddhist Altars which was particular about design increases. Because new product was made of rare Washi Paper throughout the trade, we judged that it was hard to be rolled up in price competition.
 Price is open, but around 70,000-100,000 yen becomes indication. Paper; save, and artificial flower of candle light and Echizen Washi of attached light emitting diode (LED) comes. We are going to sell on exclusive homepage to establish newly.

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2018/3/29 product

In confectionary local for "Imari ceramic ware steamed bun" green tea taste until limited sale next month

 Confectionary "Etoile Horie" of Imari-shi sells green tea taste of famous confection "Imari ceramic ware steamed bun" for a limited time. Using "Imari tea cultivated in prefectural border with Nagasaki, Nichinan Mt. Kunimi town," we finish with moisture whether it is full of flavors.
 This is the first time that we put taste except yolk an on sale with Imari ceramic ware steamed bun which was born soon after the war. We developed product one day to make use of tea break of Nango in secret special product of Imari. We are going to sell until the middle of April.
 Green tea taste is sold in main store of Honcho and Nanshi shop of Shintencho, Arita shop (Honcho, Arita-cho third class). One 120 yen, eight treasuring 1,070 yen (tax-excluded together). Inquiry is main store, telephone 0955 (23) 1515.

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2018/3/29 event

"We enshrine fried thing" in Saga-shi where 1,000 points form a line of Karatsu Yaki 20 writer

 Display work of 20 Karatsu Yaki ceramists, and sell on the spot; "worship Karatsu fried thing; in Saga" = photography = begins in the sixth floor of Saga Tamaya exhibition space of Nakanokouji, Saga-shi on 28th, and is full of much grilled dish fans buying tea Sue and bottle and cup, container of daily use. Until April 2.
 Festival executive committee plans to burn Karatsu opened in Karatsu-shi center of commerce, and to worship thing, and to publicize (from April 29 to May 5) and "Momoyama of the Old Karatsu other" exhibition (from April 13 to May 13, city modern library). It is said that it is unusual for big Karatsu Yaki exhibition of scale to be held in Saga-shi.
 Nucleus of popularity, work approximately 1,000 points of young ceramist form a line in venue including 14s Taroemon Nakazato veteran, and bean plate which did making earthenware using technique that writers vary at general size of approximately 10 centimeters in diameter is prepared. Naoki Sakamoto practice chairperson of the festival told, "we have we felt friendly feeling in Karatsu Yaki, and many people visit Karatsu".

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2018/3/29 tradition

We connect to the Wajima lacquer future for 200 local group tree planting young plants, growth for 15 years

 Inhabitants group of Wajima-shi, Ishikawa working on the making of forest mainly on lacquer reaches the establishment second anniversary. We plant approximately 200 in the mountains of city, and growth is favorable, too. Person of lacquer art Tomoko Shiota of group promoter is determined for revival of Wajima Nuri using Wajima lacquer saying it "has a meaning now to challenge". (Toshihiko Seki)
 Group "Wajima lacquer "forest of gathering." In April, 2016, Shiota addressed as husband, Masaki of person of lacquer art and made with 19 Laquer Ware craftsman and area inhabitants and others. To there being little lacquer which is from hometown to raw materials in spite of production center of Wajima Nuri famous in the background of organization had a question.
 Use approximately 40,000 tons of lacquer in the year, but there is little domestic production with approximately 10,000 tons now in Wajima-shi, most of are middle domestic production. Farming family raised lacquer tree in ridge of sunny field in the city until about 1960, but person to bring up decreased when cheap middle domestic production lacquer gained power.
 City distributed young plant of lacquer to people concerned with Laquer Ware and forestry for lacquered security in about 70, too and worked on 130,000 upbringings. However, it is only 2,000 trouble to cut weed frequently influences, and to have remained to date. The situation that there is little work of lacquer oyster craftsman whom there is lasts three.

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2018/3/29 news

Order concentrates on one place of stop, another by soil place heavy snow in waiting Komatsu-shi made by 2 for clay two months of Kutani Yaki

 Operation of product made in two ways soil place that roof collapsed by heavy snow in this winter among two places of soil places in Komatsu-shi making clay which is raw materials of Kutani Yaki made (Ryuumyouji-cho) stops, and influence begins to appear for production of Kutani Yaki. Order is concentrated in another one place of soil place made of Taniguchi (Wakasugicho), and there is pottery where stock is about to run out in state awaiting as for what can receive clay for two months. Prospect of operation resumption is not in sight, and the person concerned prays for speedy resumption.
 Soil place made of two ways stops operation since roof of factory collapses by snow on the night of February 14. Because we are in danger of short circuit, we turn off light, and all machines become in condition not to be usable.
 Roof of warehouse was changed into soil places made of Taniguchi under the influence of snow, but the making of clay does not have trouble because we removed immediately. We come to be ordered by soil place made of two ways and writer and pottery with business after March began in soil place made of Taniguchi, and it is said by reservation much to ahead for two months. Representative Koichi Taniguchi "try such a thing for the first time. We say, we want soil place made of two ways to restore early.

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2018/3/26 news

North Kyushu heavy rain damage, Toho-mura are reproduction including revival schedule ceramics

 Well-informed person who received trust from village in Toho-mura, Fukuoka that suffered from heavy rain of North Kyushu of last July on 26th, and gathered up revival schedule handed the mayor of Hiroaki Shibuya plan. We established the target year according to river and item including restoration of farmland every 4 areas in village and aim at reproduction of ceramics that suffered damage by central industry of village. It is decided formally in village assembly on 28th.
 During plan period, we are set for approximately eight years by damage. We included using the cultivation abandonment ground as substitute of farmland where we suffered from or support of shinkishunosha. Ceramics utilizes combination kiln which villages installed after the damage and plans reproduction.
 Three people were sacrificed by heavy rain damage in Toho-mura, and kiln of traditional industrial art object "Kishiwara Yaki" of village collapsed by the earth and sand in each place.

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2018/3/26 tradition

South elementary school graduation ceremony Chichibu City in Saitama) Chichibu Meisen

 Silk fabrics "Chichibu Meisen" (we cannot impress) which represents Chichibu. It was prevalent as stylish everyday wear in modern pattern with boldness from the Taisho era to the early days of the Showa era, and graduation ceremony that graduate and teacher wore appointed Chichibu Meisen, and faced tradition industrial art object of country was performed in Chichibu municipal institution south elementary school on 23rd.
 When we had you deepen understanding to traditional industry of Chichibu by wearing meisen silk cloth and wanted to be able to connect to promotion of meisen silk cloth, Asako Sekikawa and others of city Community Revitalization Aid planned.
 28 graduates and two teachers, as for the girl, boy faced Chichibu Meisen with kimono look of Chichibu stripe (island) with petticoat look. All were donated with obi or accessory with kimonos which "chichibu meisen silk cloth building" in school district possessed partly by citizen. Approximately ten volunteers helped with dressing of children.
 Matsu Henmi love (mana) who finished graduation ceremony, with "wonderful kimono, comfort was good, too. We said, it became memorable graduation ceremony.

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2018/3/23 TV

From accessory to interior…Charm of "Kaga Yuzen" full of the natural beauty

Program "NOEVIR BOTANICAL LIFE" of TOKYO FM providing beauty and spirit in ma kuo concept by power of "botanikaru" = "plant"

 By broadcast on Friday, March 23, we introduced thought that we loaded creation of maidensenkakukogei third generation, Hitoshi Maida who connected tradition and charm of Kaga Yuzen through various works in the future with.
 Kaga Yuzen is born as Kanazawa in the late 17th century and is dyeing technique that has been inherited. We expressed beauty of nature in original technique and made use in designs of kimono.
 We have realistic idea that Kaga Yuzen which we did against a backdrop of samurai family society of Kaga feudal clan which controlled culture at the time is calm whereas it is flavor that Kyo Yuzen is gorgeous, and is elegant. It is nature and climate of Kanazawa of straight fact, culture itself to have had been described there. We shade off petal and leaf inward from the outside and describe to raise the realism nature more and, using technique of "worm-eaten spot" called dead leaves (boiled mule) to express as insect ate leaf, draw the nature beauty.
 Look to stare at beauty of nature which dies in basic tone in Kaga five colors of "crimson (plays), yellow ocher, indigo plant, grass, dark purple", and is vanishing and emotionlessness of the world breathes.

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2018/3/23 tradition

A word of beauty, use of technique of Casio "OCEANUS" Edo Kiriko

 On March 22 (local time), festival "BASELWORLD 2018" of watch & jewelry began in Basel of Switzerland. CASIO COMPUTER setting up big booth in venue announces many new item watches.
 Above all, it is annual common usage, and special model shown in BASELWORLD becomes featured. G-SHOCK MR-G special and OCEANUS special come up this year. Here, let's introduce actual machine photograph of OCEANUS special "OCW-S4000S" which we suppressed in local Casio booth (we spread and display in click of thumbnail). OCW-S4000S is rare model of 150 world limitation, and release and price in Japan are undecided.

○Sapphire bezel of Edo Kiriko is firework of Tokyo

 The biggest characteristic of OCW-S4000S is sapphire bezel. Not only impression changed completely with conventional OCEANUS, but also processes sapphire bezel of OCEANUS blue by Japanese tradition technique "Edo Kiriko" having been continued since approximately 180 years ago. From craftsman group "Horiguchi cut glass which inherited tradition of Edo Kiriko," sandaishuishihorikuchi*shi was production and the supervision.
 Sapphire bezel expresses rich OCEANUS blue by depositing plural colors onto several levels. And we gave minute cutting for sapphire which had difficult processing to have the high hardness. Made sapphire bezel gives off brightness that is very beautiful, and is delicate in this way.

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2018/3/23 news

Of inheritance authorization in Japan "there is no collision Kiryu injured person on 82-year-old car plunge gatepost in Woven textiles reference building "purple"

 "Car which man of the city ran shoved 21st about 9:25 a.m., inheritance of Higashi, Kiryu-shi, Gunma of Japan in entrance of Woven textiles reference hall "purple" (connection). There was not injured person. The hall follows the history of Kiryu Woven textiles in document and weaving machine, and, at museum where there is dyeing experience, visit accepts only group which we reserved in advance for the time being. Stand to add is open as usual.

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