Officially designated Traditional craft products news

Officially designated Traditional craft products news

Archive: July, 2018

2018/7/20 news

It is seminar at introduction Ishikawa industry examination room including the latest study contents

 Seminar of the second anniversary of Ishikawa innovation promotion seminar, product research institute Ishikawa site open such as Ishikawa industry examination rooms was 19th, the examination room of Kanazawa-shi, and it began, and the latest study contents were introduced by 2-day schedule.
 Examination room machine metal part and the electronic information bureau announced the first day, and researcher told about study or high function of metal 3D printer to make heat and electric conversion element high efficiency. There was announcement of company, too, and act Lee (Hakusan-shi) introduced hybrid solar energy collection system "iU-SOALA".
 By special lecture of product research institute, the Hiroyuki Sawada generalization study chief editor of production technology research section emphasized, "it is important whether you could manage the spot with problem" about IoT (the Internet of thing). Fiber life department, chemical Processed Foods Division, Kutani Yaki technology center announce 20th.

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2018/7/20 Officially designated Traditional craft products

Odawara Shikki craftsman who makes an elaborate plans because earrings follow tradition in Laquer Ware

 Odawara Shikki to individualize grain of wood of wood by good potter's wheel mawashi and technique of coloring, and to finish. Representative Hajime Okawa of the third generation of Okawa woodworking plant (Odawara-shi, Kanagawa, Representative Hajime Okawa) founded in 1926 is one of Master of Traditional Crafts of the Laquer Ware that there are only three now in Japan. We challenge unprecedented manufacturing daringly while being aware of heavy responsibility to follow tradition.
 Two painters who paints bare wood with lacquer with woodworker one that Master of Traditional Crafts of the existing Laquer Ware makes bare wood becoming base and gives to. Of these, Representative Okawa acts as the only woodworker. It is made with Laquer Ware which is not completed by hand of one craftsman, and the role is very big.
 Representative Okawa who learned in department of economics in college student days. There was not intention in succession to the making of Laquer Ware of business, but we had been concerned by help since the days of primary schoolchild and made a decision to aim at craftsman after the graduation from university. But after all it was high in standard found as technique of craftsman level and was continuation of trouble. We learn with Ichiro Tamaki who is the first of Master of Traditional Crafts of the Laquer Ware and look back with (Representative Okawa) who "learned work to turn potter's wheel, and to sharpen wood with knife with body while suffering injury".

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2018/7/20 event

It is meteru, world expression Kyoto of Reiji Matsumoto in Nishijin Ori

 "World exhibition that expressed scene of masterpiece "Galaxy Express" and "Space Blazer" of comic artist Reiji Matsumoto with Nishijin Ori and woodcut, high-quality print of Reiji Matsumoto" began in Nishijin Textile Center of Kamigyo-ku, Kyoto-shi on 19th.
 Fumio Tsutada and others of Nishijin Ori plan, sales company "Kyoto planning meeting" of the ward chairperson made executive committee and, in commemoration of Matsumoto having become 80 years old in this year, planned. After Tsutada being longtime fan, and showing Matsumoto sum that expressed woman meteru coming up for Galaxy Express in Nishijin Ori, it is said that Matsumoto surprised at the minute finish willingly consented to exhibition.
 We display 45 points. We produced work which designed state that meteru which had sum umbrella in its hand nestled against a backdrop of town of Kyoto with Nishijin Ori and woodcut, print. 110,000 wefts are incorporated in length of approximately 3 meters, and work of Woven textiles makes full use of the high skill in each, and visitors enjoy using magnifying glass in detail. Until 22nd. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Free of charge

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2018/7/19 product

Add to Laquer Ware shop "new state reclamation" of Wajima Nuri Wajima appearance in aborigine musical instrument; "improvement as for the sound"

 The Kiyoshi Yatsui Laquer Ware head office of Kawaimachi, Wajima-shi put Wajima Nuri for wind instrument "idaki" which Australian indigenous people aborigine used in ceremonies of celebration by 18th. After finishing two by request of player of Toyama-shi so far, we start with two by favorable reception as well as solid elegant workmanship more from this month saying "sound improved". Concert of announcement is planned after the completion in Wajima, and the shop touches spring for new demand for Wajima Nuri reclamation.
 When we let idaki is eaten by white ant, and lips vibrate with musical instrument using pipe of red gum which became hollow and record breath, "Vaughn" and sound echo. Long thing is called D Juri do more than 2 meters.
 It was idaki player Hidehiko Asaoka of Yatsuomachi, Toyama-shi to have asked for Wajima Nuri and ordered black, red finish from Kiyoshi Yatsui Laquer Ware main store with two of approximately 160 centimeters in length for good-quality luster in 2011. "We had a lot of idaki, but we liked thing which gave Wajima Nuri saying first sound is good", and, according to the shop, Asaoka ordered two of approximately 140 centimeters in length newly on 14th.
 We paint among arrival at cloth seya clouded gold lacquer raising strength and we hang process of handwork of Wajima Nuri such as final coating for accumulation, 3-4 months and will complete in future. If there is request, we put family coat of arms and design in technique of lacquer work.

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2018/7/19 Officially designated Traditional craft products

It is two people of donation "Sue flame festival" contest prize winner for the governor on soil side

 Two people of Masahiko Ando (47) of Kasama-shi that acquired Yuko Sano (43) and Chairperson prefectural assembly Prize of Ishioka-shi that shined in best prefectural governor Prize in writer soil side contest of festival "the 37th Sue flame festival" of Kasama Yaki visited the prefectural office yesterday and donated prize winner to Governor Kazuhiko Oigawa and Chairperson Tsuneo Yamaoka.
 We are from Tokyo, and Sano trains himself/herself in pottery of Kasama-shi and becomes independent in 2005. Prizewinner arranged into human expression while referring to genuine wood with work which combined Kabuki with grain of wood. "I feel honored to have been able to win. We showed will saying Kabuki series wants to settle this for encouragement.
 Ando is from Tokyo, too. We came up with the idea of prizewinner from work of Picasso. "We were particular about expression and coloration that haze was applied to. We suggested joy saying we are surprised at receiving a prize. Governor of Oigawa "Kasama Yaki contains young person more and more, and feel force. The future showed pleasure and a feeling of expectation.

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2018/7/17 product

It releases iPhone case using samurai work, Nishijin Ori and cowhide

 Samurai work announced that they released iPhone case "TSUMUGI Nishijin Ori X cowhide iPhone case" using Nishijin Ori than "TSUMUGI" brand on July 20.
 The case is case becoming the third of "TSUGUMI" brand. We did not use only Nishijin Ori and we gave accent to hue by taking in cowhide and raised design.
 We use "cloth of gold" of Nishijin Ori used in obi or noh costume of kimono. We are equipped with pocket which can hold IC cards. Lineup of design prepares for 26 patterns (20 patterns sell direct management store on a qualified scale).

Samurai work
Price: 6,800 yen (tax-excluded)

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2018/7/17 tradition

Studio of lacquer refinement Wajima, sun iris of the eye begin by summer sunlight

 Work of "sun iris of the eye" (tempigurome) which exposed unrefined varnish to summer sunlight, and was refined began in dai*urushikikobo of Yokojimachi, Wajima-shi on 16th. While craftsman wiped sweat, in heat more than temperature 30 degrees, we stirred lacquer carefully.
 Sun iris of the eye is work to reduce moisture to finish, and to purify lacquer for process "final coatings" of Wajima Nuri, and it is city intangible cultural asset. When oar stirred milky lacquer which hot weather bottom, craftsman two poured into pail by turns, we changed in brown with luster in approximately one and a half hours.
 Same technique bunch has been using lacquer from Joboujimachi, Iwate for many years and refines 12 kilos this year. The first day was 4 kilos, and eight wells ordinary pro-chairperson told, "it was too hot, and adjustment including timing to cool was difficult, but there was good-quality lacquer".

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2018/7/17 news

Bizen Yaki changes technology exchanges clay for Suzu roast and produces publicly

 Suzu roast and interchange business "Artist in Residence Suzu" of Bizen Yaki (northern country newspaper publisher support) began in Suzu-shi ceramic art center on 16th. Three Bizen Yaki writers of Okayama stay in Suzu and work on the first public production until August 4 and deepen technology exchanges with grilled Suzu doing ancient earthen vessel (lay, and come) with ancestors like Bizen Yaki. Three writers told technique of Bizen Yaki to 18 ceramic art lovers on the first day.
 Taiga Mori and Sho Fujita of Bizen Yaki writer, three people of Toshiaki Mori of Bizen Yaki Takarayama kiln stay at "nichioki house" of Suzu-shi and do making earthenware while releasing production process based in city ceramic art center.

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2018/7/17 event

"See making earthenware process"; is private exhibition in Hideyoshi Kaneshiro, Naha-shi

 Ceramist, Hideyoshi Kaneshiro of Tsuboya Yaki setting up studio in Tamaki, Nanjo-shi opens private exhibition on 17th in the seventh floor of palette kumoji art salon of Naha-shi. We show ceramist work such as dyed pattern or line carving in salon to reproduce atmosphere of studio as well as work display by this private exhibition to become the oneself third. Kaneshiro tells, "we want you to see not only you have you see completed work, but also how you make" and pushes forward preparations while waiting expectantly for encounter with person who visited.
 Kaneshiro began to make work with 18 years old and, in 1995, opened studio "shu*bo" in Tamaki, Nanjo-shi. Scales pattern that is design representing Tsuboya Yaki is described in most of works of Kaneshiro.
 "In fact, we carve with hairpin". Work of Kaneshiro is created from handmade tool. Tool for line carving that put hairpin in stick of tree, writing brush for dyed pattern that we untied rope which we obtained in nahadaikoban and made or writing brush using part which bamboo broom sweeps.
 Private exhibition until 23rd. No charge for admission. From 10:00 a.m. to half past 8 p.m. (on the last day until 5:00 p.m.). Inquiry is Ryubo art salon (telephone) 098(867) 1291.

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2018/7/13 Officially designated Traditional craft products

Making of pattern experience of Obori Soma Yaki

 Classroom which experienced the making of design of picture-painted dish was opened to have local children know Obori Soma Yaki of Namie-machi tradition that suffered from nuclear plant accident.
 Potteries opened in elementary school of Namiemachi on 12th that this classroom was forced to refuge under the influence of nuclear plant accident and had some potteries were places of refuge, and local children know Obori Soma Yaki which continued protecting tradition, and primary and secondary student of Namiemachi and Tomiokacho that we reopened in hometown in this spring participated.

 Firstly man of potter who restarted grilled manufacturing in Nishigo-mura introduced sample of traditional works such as small crazing-formed designs that entered traditional pattern and surface of horse which ran.
 We described scenery of hometown or animal to like freely while children challenging the making of sketch of pattern to touch in plate approximately 10 centimeters in diameter successively, and receiving instruction of professional designer.
 We bake, and, in the plate where children designed pattern, pottery is to be sent to work in future.
 Norio Nakamura of designer who instructed students told, it "is to have a meaning interestingly that own design entered Obori Soma Yaki which we were familiar in hometown, and everybody knew.".

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