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2018/5/22 event

Gallery of seven display including clothes of indigo dyeing

"Manufacturing ... to be tainted with world exhibition - indigo of indigo plant" (head office support) began with gallery dream bloom of 3, Komaruyamadai, Nanao-shi on 21st, and clothes and yukata, miscellaneous goods of indigo dyeing, approximately 300 points including earthenware of indigo blue lined up.
 Container of Hasami Yaki (Nagasaki) characterized by design of indigo blue equalled stall and dress that contrast of the light and shade was beautiful, colorful T-shirt, cloth of white background, and venue was wrapped in cool atmosphere. Until 27th.

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2018/5/17 event

Adopt the skill of Yamanaka Shikki, is craftsmen exhibition of grain of wood Komatsu on leather

 Leather wallet and card case that beautiful design such as grain of wood appears. In joint exhibition "leather iro and form held in cafe "su-mu" of Chuo, Fukui-shi," works which got idea line up in Japanese tradition technology including Yamanaka Shikki and armor of the age of civil strife.
 It is leatherworker Kay ARA beech to deal with including space produce of restaurant in the Kanazawa cities to have exhibited. In Japanese from Tokyo, we are based in Komatsu-shi, Ishikawa now. We connect Kutani Yaki and glass industrial arts of Toyama, swordsmith of Tsubame-shi, Niigata and work on projects to let you produce jointly widely.
 We have begun to make leather accessory with hobby during Kanazawa College of Arts attendance at school. Lacquer was painted reinforcement with, and armor of the age of civil strife knew that we were dyed in liquid "persimmon juice" of astringent persimmon and took in for creation after the graduation. Lacquer has only cracked when time passed.
 We emigrate to Komatsu-shi in 2012 after graduation. We were impressed by knowing Yamanaka Shikki, and "grain of wood under lacquer having stood out neatly" and took in for the making of work again. When it was old, and color put on young persimmon juice densely and painted, and persimmon juice which matured did, trace of brush appeared like grain of wood. Called "wipe lacquer" thinning lacquer which painted with made technique hint. We pushed lacquer into leather with spatula and let you soak. Surface "broken piece" disappeared in original technique that ARA beech compared saying "we dye".
 Photograph of leather work which was released on the Internet six years ago catches eye of French select shop manager, and there are the results sold at France and British store until 15 years. Oh, we launch voluntary brand, and beech plays an active part as leatherworker now. The feature is that we take in Japanese building and tool including card case reflecting the image of hinge in design. "We arrange Japanese material and technique into modern flow and make new tradition"

 We are from Fukui-shi by display, and leather work exhibits graphic designer Ayako Nariyama (Suita-shi, Osaka) and approximately 50 points to deal with in total, too. It is (without holiday during exhibition period), from half past 11 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. until 21st. 

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2018/5/15 event

It is Kaga Yuzen event in Kanazawa, shiinoki guesthouse

 "Adult life Kanazawa" is held at "Ishikawa prefectural government memory shiinoki guesthouse" of Kanazawa (2, Hirosaka, Kanazawa-shi) for two days on May 19, 20th. (Kanazawa economic paper)
 It is HAB Hokuriku ASAHI BROADCASTING to host. Toward "adults" more than 40 generations generation, we introduce charm of traditional culture to cut end in Traditional Craft, Kaga Yuzen of Kanazawa comprehensively.
 We invite Kyoko Mano of actress as presenter for event. Mano is in charge of space model of plan titled "my Kanazawa, beautiful Kaga Yuzen" in magazine "woman pictorial", and profound knowledge to traditional culture of Kanazawa is deep, too. We perform talk about Kaga Yuzen writer, Kenji Maida, significance or feelings of making thing in succession to tradition with announcer, Akiko Kubo titled "the world of Kaga Yuzen" on 19th. Talk show founds "wearing of Kaga Yuzen" on 20th. We invite Yuko Tsuruga playing an active part as Kaga Yuzen promotion manager to co-star, and it is said that we fully actually convey charm of traditional culture of Kanazawa from situation where there is many at opportunity to let sleeve go through in Kaga Yuzen.

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2018/5/14 event

Mie that the Yokkaichi ten thousand old festival start is cheap, and is full of sale, shoppers

 [Yokkaichi] Annual "Yokkaichi ten thousand old festival" began around ten thousand old Shinto shrines of Toueicho, Yokkaichi-shi, Mie on 12th. Blessed with fine weather, it was full of a large number of shoppers from the city outside. Until 13th.
 Association of ten thousand old Ceramics promotion cooperative association society is the 57th in difference, this year. Maker and trading company, 35 sets including writer opened a store, and teapot and tableware, earthenware pot, vase of ten thousand old roast sold at 3 - 70% discounts of the market price.
 People who came walked looking for article of guide and compared product slowly and carefully and bought article which we liked.
 On 1st on the festival date, there is the jinx called - raining by all means, but the person concerned expects in the looks of the sky on 13th, and it is said that we aim for 100,000 visits in two days.

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2018/5/14 event

Clogs Shizuoka, Aoi-ku where craftsmanship shines in a row of Suruga

 "Clogs (clogs) festival craftsman exhibition of the 17th Suruga" (footwear chokakazarikumigoshusai made in Shizuoka lacquered getas industrial guild, static Okagi) is opened in shunfugakushi of the JR Shizuoka Station yard until 23rd.
 We display and sell Suruga lacquered getas and shunkawachoshitadakeiyaku 200 points known as traditional industrial art object of Shizuoka-shi. Masterpiece that craftsmanship including clogs using technique of "eggshell tension" to display eggshells which we crushed, and to express picture shined was prepared. There are clogs for children who treated picture of pretty panda.
 *yanarisanrorijicho of Shizuoka lacquered getas industrial guild "there are many people who do not know that clogs industry was prosperous in Shizuoka. We say, we want you to mention traditional culture by all means at this opportunity.

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2018/5/11 event

PR fukumi mitsu tokyo is event with brown sugar Shiisa

 okinawakenfukumi mitsu sugar measures meeting (the chairperson, Katsuhiro Shimajiri prefecture agriculture and forestry manager of Marine Products Department) opened event to plan consumption expansion of Okinawa brown sugar on 10th on "day of brown sugar" in SAN-A Maine, Naha place. "Brown sugar Shiisa" which Mitsuo Aragaki of person of Tsuboya Yaki yachimun produced in venue comes out. Visitors enjoyed event and sampling, spot sale of stage.
 Meeting assumes "black day" on September 6 brown sugar consumption expansion campaign period and strengthens information dispatch in SNS of prefecture raw sugar cooperative association. Brown sugar production of this term exceeded 9,000 tons for 2 consecutive years. Ken Nishimura, chairperson of prefecture raw sugar industry society said, "there was brown sugar of quality that growth of raw materials was good, and was good".
 Takako Uezu of Ginowan-shi "child eats brown sugar. We told, heat stroke measures and mineral supply are possible and purchased Tara interval and brown sugar of Hateruma.

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2018/5/10 event

In elegant picture scroll Nishijin Ori

 On 9th, art hall beauty comfort of Ikoma-shi came and saw, and "Nishijin art texture The Tale of Genji picture scroll exhibition" that reproduced picture scroll of national treasure in Nishijin Ori began in taking the ease. Until 13th.
 Executive committee Ikoma Branch making Nishijin Ori with mercers to support hosts. It was produced in commemoration of high-quality Woven textiles of Kyoto coming to be called Nishijin Ori after the Onin War, and it having been at 550 years last year.
 We reproduce 19 points of representative scenes among national treasure "The Tale of Genji picture scrolls" of the Heian era. Ten craftsmen of Nishijin art weaver bunch (Kyoto-shi) almost drew on real thing street in traditional technique to one point for half a year and, using 2,700 warps, weft 10,000, finished weaving.
 Display is the third place next to Kyoto-shi, Otsu-shi. Fumio Tsutada of practice chairperson "is quiet, difficult work, but the skill of craftsman is wonderful. We were determined saying we want to display towards 100 venues of the whole country. From 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (on 13th until 4:00 p.m.). Inquiry Tsutada (090, 3165.4325).

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2018/5/8 event

It is superb view photograph in Inshu Washi

 Work Loan Object Exhibition which set approximately 80 points which printed photograph which both photographers of Shunya Mizumoto and Damon bay from Yazu-cho from New Zealand photographed in city aoya Washi Paper studio of Aotanicho, Tottori-shi on Inshu Washi in total is opened. Until June 24.
 Mizumoto exhibits photograph which we photographed in all the countries of the world including penguin of beautiful aurora and Antarctic Continent. Hanging scroll-style, bay expresses rural district in eastern prefecture and beautiful village forest scenery including waterfall that we copied when we did the next prefecture in the summer of 2016.

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2018/5/7 event

It is Gotsu Iwami Yaki, plate and mug cup in a row /Shimane

 There was annual "ascending kiln festival" by Iwami Yaki pottery, Iwami Shimada kiln of Ushirojicho, Gotsu-shi from 3rd to 5th. This year is the 24th. There was kiln difference on 3rd for the first day and bought earthenware which ceramic art fan and others just provided from kiln.
 Takayuki Shimada of the third generation and Kentaro and others of the fourth generation produce approximately 3,000 points including plate and mug cup. We cooked firewood while having meal in front of kiln from April 25 through 26th and we raised to approximately 1,310 degrees and baked. Doctor, Ryo Kondo of Yonago-shi, Tottori that bought shallow porcelain basin told, "caliber of Shimada kiln was familiar with hand and is easy to use".

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2018/5/1 event

Until pottery, trading company 150 5th prosperous in "Hasami earthenware Festival" grilled dish fans [Nagasaki]

 Ceramic ware park of Isekigo, Hasami-cho is opened in main venue, and annual "the 60th Hasami earthenware festival" that pottery and approximately 150 trading companies of Hasami Yaki open a store is full of a large number of grilled dish fans. Until 5th.
 Container of color and designs various in special tent of main venue in a row. Led by with parent and child and young woman, we enjoyed shopping while evaluating. Matsuo firewood which came from Kurume-shi, Fukuoka "came to look for tableware of daughter who became 1 year old. We said, wonderful container was available cheaply. During period, we operate free shuttle bus from Nagasaki Canon (town Orishikisego) with special parking lot of 1,500 accommodation and JR Arita station square. We distribute map to introduce potteries opening during period to in main venue.

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