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2018/6/8 TV

Hakata Ningyo is united with new CM Kyushu souvenir, and commercial facilities "maingu" of Hakata Station dances song /Fukuoka

 Commercial facilities "maingu" in the Hakata Station yard (Hakataekichuogai, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka-shi) is broadcasting new CM where character that face of Hakata Ningyo was united with Kyushu souvenir appears now.
 "maingu" renewed CM after an interval of two years and started TV broadcast and exhibition on April 23. "Largest in Kyushu in Hakata in-station stores saw, and I seemed to hate, and, in addition, element called "place that it was possible for as for the trainer in usual times" made two kinds CM in message called "center maingu of Hakata" this time as place".
 Yoshimasa Matsuo of Hakata puppeteer, Master of Traditional Crafts produced face of Hakata Ningyo which came up. In the image of maingu, we produce new original face for CM. Work of Matsuo is used with face of main character of event "strawberry love Festa 2018" that we held in the facility.
 In CM, face of Hakata Ningyo is united with Kyushu souvenirs such as seasoned cod roe and castella, Satsumaage and we make three dimensional and appear. We aim at Hakata Station and go down and gather in "maingu" while singing original CM song like mixed voices chorus and dance the hall and it is super and does shopping.
 Pond Daichi of sales promotion department "was symbolic, and expressed charm of maingu as picture with impact in music (in CM). Largest in Kyushu where is broadcast with chisel in Fukuoka now, but there are many customers from wide area from this summer; tell, is thinking that see, and unpleasant, can send out of Fukuoka as place.
 We are broadcasting on TV now in Fukuoka, and CM releases even digital signage in maingu official site and the hall.

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2018/5/31 TV

We inherit the skill from intangible cultural asset…Foreign armor teacher from NY! The "Japanese-style originator" new plan second "is there inheritor? Saitama edition"

 "Japanese-style originator" who is broadcasting in subsidiary of TV Tokyo from 9:00 to stop by every Thursday (Television Osaka production). Program which rediscovers splendor of Japan under the theme of "Japan is good".
 Thursday, May 31, 2018 from 21:00 to 21:54 "is there Japanese-style originator inheritor? Is Saitama edition various towns; "is there inheritor? It is the second of new plan to conduct a thorough investigation in are you not?! It is Saitama to have got information this time. We press thought and suffering of craftsmen conveying tradition to defense, coming ages.
 The historical traditional skill of Japan is inherited in strange form…It is armor. Andrew whom we met in front of Warabi Station is charmed by Japanese armor technology, and he visits Japan while being from New York.
 Before we are apprenticed to master of armor authorized by intangible cultural asset, Hiromichi Miura and deal with production and repair of arms as master of armor now now. The traditional skill inherited to him of Japan, how does teacher really think?

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2018/3/23 TV

From accessory to interior…Charm of "Kaga Yuzen" full of the natural beauty

Program "NOEVIR BOTANICAL LIFE" of TOKYO FM providing beauty and spirit in ma kuo concept by power of "botanikaru" = "plant"

 By broadcast on Friday, March 23, we introduced thought that we loaded creation of maidensenkakukogei third generation, Hitoshi Maida who connected tradition and charm of Kaga Yuzen through various works in the future with.
 Kaga Yuzen is born as Kanazawa in the late 17th century and is dyeing technique that has been inherited. We expressed beauty of nature in original technique and made use in designs of kimono.
 We have realistic idea that Kaga Yuzen which we did against a backdrop of samurai family society of Kaga feudal clan which controlled culture at the time is calm whereas it is flavor that Kyo Yuzen is gorgeous, and is elegant. It is nature and climate of Kanazawa of straight fact, culture itself to have had been described there. We shade off petal and leaf inward from the outside and describe to raise the realism nature more and, using technique of "worm-eaten spot" called dead leaves (boiled mule) to express as insect ate leaf, draw the nature beauty.
 Look to stare at beauty of nature which dies in basic tone in Kaga five colors of "crimson (plays), yellow ocher, indigo plant, grass, dark purple", and is vanishing and emotionlessness of the world breathes.

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2017/12/25 TV

Excellent attack for "Ichii Itto Bori" business closing size. Craftsman awareness whom the president of well-established furniture manufacturer changed

 Hida Sangyo is in country, Takayama-shi, Gifu of ex-Hida according to the name. Hida Takayama is one of Japanese 5 biggest furniture production center. Woodwork technology such as latticework breathes in the cityscape. It is identification of Shiga of "village of woodwork" to festival car enlivening festival. Unique sculpture utilized color of tree, "Ichii Itto Bori" fascinate festival visitor.
 It dates back to the origin of "village, Hida of woodwork" until the Asuka era. Tax at the time was payment in kind such as cereals, but, in Hida, it was exempted, and craftsmen hit carpentry instead. Artificers were called "artisan of Hida" and bought role for building of various landmark architectures including Toshodai-ji Temple of world heritage.

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