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2017/12/25 TV

Excellent attack for "Ichii Itto Bori" business closing size. Craftsman awareness whom the president of well-established furniture manufacturer changed

 Hida Sangyo is in country, Takayama-shi, Gifu of ex-Hida according to the name. Hida Takayama is one of Japanese 5 biggest furniture production center. Woodwork technology such as latticework breathes in the cityscape. It is identification of Shiga of "village of woodwork" to festival car enlivening festival. Unique sculpture utilized color of tree, "Ichii Itto Bori" fascinate festival visitor.
 It dates back to the origin of "village, Hida of woodwork" until the Asuka era. Tax at the time was payment in kind such as cereals, but, in Hida, it was exempted, and craftsmen hit carpentry instead. Artificers were called "artisan of Hida" and bought role for building of various landmark architectures including Toshodai-ji Temple of world heritage.

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