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2017/12/4 experience-based facility

shunfutakumishuku, Traditional Craft experience-based facility of visit 5 million Shizuoka

 Traditional Craft experience facility "shunfutakumishuku" of Shizuoka-shi (city Suruga-ku) achieved 5 million visitors from establishment of the spring of 1999 on 2nd. We broke ornamental scented ball and did and, in performance of "ball child drum" by "mariyukai" of local volunteer, celebrated.
 The 5000000th visitors are office worker Yuki Arima (41) family of city Aoi-ku. Because the second daughter experienced "Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku" at school, it is said that we visited to deepen knowledge more. Vase of "Suruga Takesensuji Zaiku" was given as souvenir by Mayor Nobuhiro Tanabe who was the president of designated manager "shunfugakushi" of facility.

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