Aoyama Square
Business hours

From 11:00 to 19:00
The last day of special event corner,
Until 17:00 is displayed.

Year round
(but except the year-end and New Year holidays)



8-1-22, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F

※There is not exclusive parking lot.
Excuse me, but please use toll parking lot of in site or neighborhood on visit by car.



Exhibition schedule, information
2017 Friday, June 30
2017 Wednesday, July 12

- to enjoy blue on the date of open space Vol.6 - summer of Seto Sometsuke Yaki exhibition blue

Event during exhibition period

Production demonstration

On Saturday, July 1, it is Sunday, July 2

・Painting Mikiko Kato, Setsuko Mizuno (Seto Sometsuke Yaki) to 8 sun of plates


On Saturday, July 8, it is Sunday, July 9

・Painting reimokukenko (Seto Sometsuke Yaki) to 8 sun of plates

Production experience

※Production experience, please note that it should be limit once per person.


On Saturday, July 1, it is Sunday, July 9 on Saturday, July 8 on Sunday, July 2

・On painting 1st 2nd on Mikiko Kato, Setsuko Mizuno, 8th 9th reimokukenko, Yoichi Kato (Seto Sometsuke Yaki)

Experience charges: One piece of 2,000 yen / time required: 30-120 minutes / size: Age that is targeted for 21cm *15cm *3cm (become small when we burn) /: Child is possible if with protector

※After burning, it is delivered by cash on delivery on about August 15 to home

※We straighten reservation impossibility, and there are only 20 pieces

※Reception desk start time is half past 16 for .9 days on 2nd at 17:00 for daily .8 days at time on the reception desk deadline from 11:00


The latest schedule

Temporary exhibition that exhibition period was expired