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8-1-22, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F

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Exhibition schedule, information
2019 Friday, January 18
2019 Wednesday, January 23

Mashiko Yaki Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibition

Pottery of Mashiko Yaki said to have both elements of work of art while being daily necessities more than 200 cases. Master of Traditional Crafts of ten of 13 people who are member of Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibits this time.

Event during exhibition period

Production demonstration

Friday, January 18, Saturday, January 19

・Demonstration floor well curse one (Mashiko Yaki) of potter's wheel

State of production demonstration


Sunday, January 20, Monday, January 21

・Demonstration Kuninori Otsuka (Mashiko Yaki) of potter's wheel


Tuesday, January 22

・Demonstration Nobuo Otsuka (Mashiko Yaki) of potter's wheel


Wednesday, January 23

・Demonstration Kazuhiro Otsuka (Mashiko Yaki) of potter's wheel

Production experience

From Friday, January 18 to Wednesday, January 23

・Potter's wheel experience

Experience charges: The free / time required: Age that is targeted for / for 10-20 minutes: There is no limit

※We buy to go and do not come

※It is guide only for experience. Please speak casually

The latest schedule

Temporary exhibition that exhibition period was expired