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8-1-22, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F

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Exhibition schedule, information
2019 Friday, February 01
2019 Wednesday, February 06

Kishu tradition Laquer Ware exhibition

Kishu Shikki which continued being Laquer Ware which it was said to be the Muromachi era in the origin and "used". We want to have you know lacquered charm in caliber who inherited the tradition and using flower vase, accessories.

Event during exhibition period

Production experience

※Production experience, please note that it should be limit once per person.


From Friday, February 1 to Wednesday, February 6

・Kumiko Tanioka (Kishu Shikki) who sows coating, aluminum powder with cashew paint, and experiences lacquer work in the Bon Festival

State of production experience

Production experience sample①

Production experience sample②

Experience charges: The 1,500 yen / time required: About from 30 minutes to 60 minutes / size: Age that is targeted for round tray / of 27cm in diameter: There is no limit

※On the day we buy to go and come.

※But, only on the last day, receptionist is 16:00 reservation impossibility

The latest schedule

Temporary exhibition that exhibition period was expired