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8-1-22, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 1F

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Exhibition schedule, information
2019 Friday, March 29
2019 Wednesday, April 03

It is ... in spring of Akazu Yaki Harumine Umemura, playing moon ceramic works exhibition - flourishing endlessly

 Characteristic of Akazu Yaki is ash glaze (we buy and say), iron glaze (tetsuyuu), officer of textiles (oribe), Kinose door (kizeto), Shino (die), Fukai (dandruff), seven kinds of glazes of old Seto (kozeto). Parent and child of the Umemuras continue each making earthenware while enjoying seasonal event and tea, flower in spring of flourishing endlessly.

Event during exhibition period

Production demonstration

From Friday, March 29 to Wednesday, April 3

・Demonstration with picture, tea ceremony demonstration Tomohiro Umemura (Akazu Yaki)

Production experience

From Friday, March 29 to Wednesday, April 3

・Explanation of Akazu Yaki (ceramic ware) and tea ceremony and tea ceremony experience Tomohiro Umemura (Akazu Yaki)

We experience tea ceremony using container of Akazu Yaki

Experience charges: Only as for the tea ceremony experience, it is the 500 yen / time required: Age that is targeted for / for 20 minutes: No age limit

※It is impossible of reservation

The latest schedule

Temporary exhibition that exhibition period was expired