Three states ridge-end tile industrial art objectSanshu Onigawara Crafts

Production becomes active from the early 18th century and has traditions more than 300 years. Producer of ridge-end tile is called "Master ogre" or "master of crest" and, other than traditional ogre side and ridge-end tile with family coat of arms, lasts for many divergences including interior product and exterior products such as small ridge-end tiles for the room.

These traditional crafts have a history of over 300 years and flourished at the beginning of the 18th century. People who make onigawara crafts are known as “onishi” or “oniitashi”. In addition to the traditional types with gargoyles and family crests, the onigawara craft extends to other products such as small ornaments for interior design and outdoor decorations.

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    skills and techniques


    Molding is thing by charge account soil or gypsum mold.


    When do design charge account of basis material, by rough carving, "shibi" or "migaki" it is decided, and perform using Bella Kim, tree seawife or bamboo seawife.


    Burning smokes, and process.


    Raw materials


    It be said that potter's clay to use has materials which are equal to Mikawa clay, mountain soil, suihi clay or these.

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    Work scenery

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Industrial art object name Three states ridge-end tile industrial art object
Phonetic symbol sansyuonigawarakougeihin
Classification of industrial art object Ceramics
Main product
Main production area Aichi / Hekinan-shi, Anjo-shi, Takahama-shi
The designation date November 30, 2017

Contact information

■local production associations

Three states ridge-end tile production association
4-6-47, Kasugacho, Takahama-shi, Aichi
Ogre honor is inner in corporation
TEL: 0566-53-0215
FAX: 0566-53-0282

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