Tokyo antimony industrial art objectTokyo Antimony Craft

It was casting product which assumed antimony which was alloy of lead, antimony, tin raw materials, and technique established Tokyo antimony as local industry of Tokyo early in the Meiji era. We make use of delicate design and sculpture, and accessories, prize cup, ornament are made.

Tokyo Antimony is a cast metal craft that uses an alloy made from lead, antimony, and tin. This craft was established in Tokyo as a local industry in the early Meiji period (1868 - 1912). The detailed patterns and engravings are used for decorations, trophies, ornaments, and more.

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    skills and techniques

    Mold structure is thing by the next technique or technique.


    Being die.


    Perform sculpture using graver and carved seal by manual labor.

    "Cold, "metal blows" or "bake, and blow" blows" to casting "go back up, and blow"; niyorukoto.

    "You gather up" dough which you cast and do casting.


    Raw materials

    Assume material of casting antimony alloy.

  • ・Work scenery

    Work scenery

  • ・Close-up



Industrial art object name Tokyo antimony industrial art object
Phonetic symbol We ask
Classification of industrial art object Metalworking product
Main product
Main production area Tokyo / Taito-ku, Sumida-ku, Arakawa-ku, Katsushika-ku, Minato-ku, Adachi-ku, Koto-ku Chiba / Abiko-shi, Ichikawa-shi
The designation date June 18, 2015

Contact information

■local production associations

Tokyo antimony industrial arts cooperative association
4-3-1, Kuramae, Taitou-ku, Tokyo
TEL: 03-3851-7133
FAX: 03-3851-7134

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