Nara sumi

Nara sumi is sumi produced in Nara-shi, Nara. Because it was said that it began in place of Asuka, and there was much shrines and temples to Nara even after the capital moved to Kyoto, studio of sumi which was necessary for copying of a sutra and study remained in Nara. We maintain tradition long to date since ink stick made from lamp soot said to collect soot of votive light of kyofukujini*bo in Nara-shi, Nara, and to have made gets fame as high quality "Nara sumi".

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    skills and techniques


    After rubbing, and having performed means of transportation, massage finish of "Moyu" by hand.


    Molding is thing by "model we can enter (sponge gourd skin) molding" or "we grasp hand molding" "we pay model (shoe tree) molding".


    Drying is thing by naturally drying after "ash drying".


    Finish is thing by "dough finish" or "we polish and seem to finish".


    Raw materials


    Say that soot gathered from oil having materials which are equal to torch smoke or cloza oil, sesame oil, camellia oil, wood oil, coconut oil or these.


    Say that you have materials which are equal to thing which glia boils beef glia or skin and bone of other animals and extracted or these.


    It be said that fragrance has materials which are equal to borneol or these.

  • ・Work scenery

    Work scenery

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Industrial art object name Nara sumi
Phonetic symbol Then we finish
Classification of industrial art object Writing tools and Abacus
Main product
Main production area Nara / Nara-shi
The designation date November 7, 2018

Contact information

■local production associations

Sumi association made of Nara
7-576, Minamikyobatecho, Nara-shi
Department in Kuretake general affairs
TEL: 0742-50-2052
FAX: 0742-50-2072

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