Makabe IshidoroMakabe Stone Lanterns

Because granite (cancer to surround) of good quality is produced in the Makabe, Ibaraki district, we process stone as life tool for a long time and use.
When it is French mason begun in the Makabechonagaoka area whole area in last years of Muromachi era, we are informed beginning of building stones business of this area. For thing which we could confirm as Makabe Ishidoro, it was said that thing made in 1824 (Bunsei 7) in the temple precincts of Makabemachi was the oldest, and skills and techniques was established by mason who made this.

Good quality granite found in the Makabe area of Ibaraki Prefecture has been used to make a variety of useful articles since ancient times. The actual working of stone in the area began around the end of the Muromachi period (1333-1568) with the making of Buddhist stone articles around Nagaoka in Makabe-cho.
The earliest confirmed Makabe Ishidoro stands in the temple compound in Makabe-cho. It was made by Kubota Kichibei in 1824, and he was responsible for establishing the skills and techniques of the craft.

Special features of these lightly colored lanterns are their superb craftsmanship, the light touch of the beautiful carving and their sense of weightiness. They provide traditional Japanese gardens with an added quality and elegance, their special features being accentuated further by the moss which tends to grow on the stone. Apart from garden items, lanterns and other items are also made for use at shrines and temples.

  • Notification

    skills and techniques

    Model structure of stone is thing by traditional technique of next or technique using tool which is similar to "bushhammer" and these "double-edged blade" "squid and others" "chisel" "koyasuke" in main process.

    Sumi soup stock of uncut stone or quarry stone does technique of "quadrature soup stock" representing boundary line of change region of carving or "chamfering" with basics using difference music, as for the part of lump, "lump is thing by fishing".

    After the getting out sumi, "business on a basis of the next month's delivery" get "it decreases and pulls" fixed by "single edge payment" "to take corner" or "seared payment" "rough cut".

    Carving is thing by "we float carving" or "meat carving" "openwork" "be depressed carving" "projecting carving".

    Finish is thing by "we put out and nudge finish" or "we put out sinew finish" "seared finish" "bushhammer finish" "we finish drinking finish".

    When when join, meet, except top and bottom of burning place of a fireplace, is thing by tenon piece.

    Raw materials

    Is Makabe granite or stone of quality at the same level as this, and of "obi" it be said that there is not.

  • Work scenery

    We receive precious stone, shade, burning place of a fireplace (Nakadai), and stone garden lantern consists of pole, six parts of ground ring (lower stand). We begin with getting out sumi every all parts and finish and we pile up in tenon composing type last and are completed as garden lantern.
    18 developed traditional skills and techniques is used before it leads to completion. It was already settled from getting out sumi to rough cut in the 700s, and, as for other techniques to go to finish, improvement was added to charges for 1300 through 1500. We established tool kind to support chisel, technique including bushhammer by steady study of stonemason inside the frame of children devolution.

    Process 1: Choice of stone

    When stone made of strata has turning point and does not ascertain eyes of the stone well, we will be broken. It is one of the processes that are important to choice of stone.
    Ink effect deletes dimensions, form every each getting out sumi part to stone. It is process not to fall out of mind that the quality of garden lantern depends on here.
    When getting out sumi is over, after wild dorioshita, we drink and, every each part, finish by hand-carving with tools such as bushhammer patiently.

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    Process 2: Precious stone (part becoming symbol of stone garden lantern)

    1. We begin to talk about mind to cross, and to perform mind of junction with shade from uncut stone.
    2. We receive and make the lower flower and form of leader of head.
    3. We make form of leader of top.
    4. We receive and complete flower and fix the details of the whole precious stone.

    Process 3: Shade (from experience and technique, perception whom soft are of shade cultivated for many years)

    1. Fix approximate form; and wild; take, and do.
    2. We fix form of the whole undersurface.
    3. We finish tilt and attach obi. We sharpen mortise catching tenon of precious stone.
    4. It is shallow and makes hollow to sharpen the undersurface, and to put burning place of a fireplace in. We incise pattern and fix the whole.

    Process 4: Burning place of a fireplace

    1. We give sculptures such as patterns.
    2. We cut deep at the crater.
    3. We reduce the inside of the crater and will have cavity. (high technique needs that we make cavity)
    4. We make hole through the crater along getting out sumi line of the crater. We finish the whole burning place of a fireplace.

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    Process 5: Receive (Nakadai)

    1. We sharpen side shop tray flower part (cradle flower limit) make tenon of pillar and mortise to put together in the undersurface.
    2. We receive and complete flower, pattern.

    Process 6: Pole (pillar)

    Better-quality stone is used to support weight of the whole garden lantern. Pattern is more monotonous than other parts, but plump circle mioo needs experience and technique to express.
    1. We fix the top, aspect below for the side horizontally.
    2. We begin to talk about mind to combine with reputation in ground ring up and down.
    3. We put obi and pattern and finish.

    Process 7: Ground ring (lower stand)

    1. We fix approximate form and sharpen so that the side and the undersurface are perpendicular.
    2. Curve flower notsurao product hires curve flower pattern.
    3. We dig mortise catching tenon of pillar and we finish the details and fix the whole.

    Process 8: We pile up and put up

    We pile up each finished part in tenon composing type, and it is solid and delicate, and elegant Makabe Ishidoro is completed.



  • Close-up

    Makabe Ishidoro close-up

    Best matching, Makabe Ishidoro with garden

    Makabe Ishidoro which can date back to the Kamakura era in the origin. We have color of high brightness using high quality granite mined for a long time from Mt. Kaba. And classic form of several hundred that the history produced. More than time of several hundred years, there should be surely stone garden lantern which matches best your garden.


    We are united with garden, and soul enters Makabe Ishidoro for the first time

    Does stone garden lantern not have simple image called similar thing all? However, the world of real stone garden lantern is profound it is various and is delicate beauty. Stone garden lantern is not established in it simple substance. This is because soul enters only after being united with garden, garden. It must be stone garden lantern which matched garden garden one by one to be united.
    "Time when we saw that own stone garden lantern which we made enters garden of customer and is united is impressed most." We asked Seiichi Kato of mason who talked so the essence of Makabe Ishidoro.

    Kato of mason who recited hot thought to stone garden lantern

    More than time for centuries

    When we are put in stone garden lantern, garden, and soul enters, we continue growing for many centuries and add to texture whenever we pass through year and continue directing the world of wabi sabi that we proceed, and there is. Because we stay more than time of several hundred years, it is said that we feel big worth doing for work. Therefore feeling of strain that is not permitted of corner-cutting is born.
    Including Kato, we boast of meeting 25-year-old youth who is in service under indentures after all to inherit son of mason, business of father, and being common, and having felt to everybody being mason of Makabe Ishidoro in the same way this time and are that we feel charm. In Makabe Ishidoro which each person's mason feels pride and charm, and works, we should do not have to worry to be short of successors.

    Tool which evolved during history of children devolution

    Stone garden lantern with a certain unit-related expression

    As for the stone garden lantern, thing matching garden of customer is made. From classic form brought about in the history including pro-snow-see viewing (snow-see viewing form, kanshujikei, bridge form) pro-clay image (Horyu-ji Temple form, Hie-jinja Shrine form Kasuga Shrine stone lanterns) live system (officer of textiles form, water firefly form) pro-layered pagoda (Five Storeyed Pagoda form) natural model including, original model to thing of creation, we are made with hand-carving for customer from hundreds of forms carefully one by one. Sculpture which there is the delicate elegant and solid feeling seems to be able to see figure united with garden.
    It is said that Makabe Ishidoro created by hand-carving one by one brings on atmosphere that delicately varies according to the authors. Each has a certain unit-related expression and wants you to choose handmade stone garden lantern with taste by all means. We should be able to realize the good point whenever we pass through time.

    We create this gentle roundness by hand-carving

    To the whole country to the world

    When Kato wants you to know good Makabe Ishidoro, it is worked on dispatch and interchange of information eagerly. We establish exhibit space called "mason bunch" along the prefectural road close to workshop and do not spare explanation to customer if we have time. Homepage of own shop is released, too and tries for dispatch of information.
    We had inquiry on the other day from New York and seemed to receive orders.
    In addition, they interchange, and stimulation, thought to have to be activated have, and, Officially designated Traditional craft products, they perform display, sale of Hasami Yaki of Nagasaki more positively in own exhibit space. It should greatly grow image of Makabe Ishidoro wanting "mason bunch" to visit through pride as craftsman of Kato, warmth as human being once.

    Just one copy of exhibit space that Kato established along the prefectural road

    Craftsman profile

    Seiichi Kato

    We engage in building stones processing from 15 years old born in 1940 and we inherit tradition of Makabe Ishidoro and work on dispatch, interchange of information positively.


    It is not only Japanese garden


    • Thing 1 which we combined with Sue board of Kasama Yaki

    • Original garden lantern of original model


Industrial art object name Makabe Ishidoro
Phonetic symbol makabeishitourou
Classification of industrial art object Stonework
Main product Garden Mochiishi garden lantern, Shinto shrine Buddhist temple dedication Mochiishi garden lantern
Main production area Ibaraki / Makabemachi, Makabe-gun, Yamato-son
The designation date April 5, 1995

Contact information

■local production associations

Makabe building stones cooperative association
402, Makabechomakabe, Sakuragawa-shi, Ibaraki
TEL: 0296-55-2535
FAX: 0296-54-1855

■We visit production center from foreign countries
Makabe Ishidoro - production center visit article

■Associated exhibit space, facility


Makabe Ishidoro with color of hard brightness features delicate elegant sculpture with the softness and there is a feeling of weight. The characteristic is made use of remarkably by there being moss and gives Japanese gardens flavor when it is more beauty.

With their light color, and superb sculpting which carries an air of softness, MakabeIshi-Doro laterns are characterized by their beautiful grace and gravity. Once moss begins to grow on the laterns, their character is further enhanced, and they lend a sense of elegance and charm to a Japanese garden.

How to make

The making of model of stone uses traditional tools such as "chisel" "koyasuke" "bushhammer" by main process. After it being said with "sumi soup stock", and having done sumi soup stock using difference music (it shines Gane), we finish that we describe flight to become border changing carving in uncut stone in traditional skills and techniques called "bushhammer finish" "to finish drinking, and to finish" "duster finish" using traditional tool. We join and do laying upon with tenon piece except top and bottom of part which garden lantern called burning place of a fireplace (hibukuro) lights and keep balance of garden lantern.

For carving the stones used for the laterns, traditional tools such as nomi hand chisels, koyasuke chiseling hammers and bishan bush hammers are used. First the design of the carving is drawn onto the stone in a step called “sumi-dashi” using a sashigane carpenters square. Next, traditional tools are used in the traditional steps of “nomikiri-shiage” chiseling, “bishan-shiage” bush hammering, and “tataki-shiage” hammering. Aside from the areas immediately above and below the hibukuro lantern area, mortise and tenon joints are chiseled into the various stone parts, and the lantern is assembled with great care to ensure its balance.

Voice from production center

Japanese garden must have stone garden lantern. As the characteristic is made use of in Makabe Ishidoro remarkably by there being moss, you supply enough moisture, and please provide oldness early. It becomes considerable period piece in 2 years and can taste beauty as thing coloring garden. In addition, as for the garden lantern, all mascot of them is said.