Miyagi Dento KokeshiMiyagi Kokeshi Dolls

After the middle of Edo era, it is informed that we were born as hot spring souvenir of the Tohoku district.
In Miyagi, there are five traditional kokeshi dolls of "clapper (come) kokeshi doll" "Sakunami (at the same level as fence) kokeshi doll" "Togatta (toogatsuta) kokeshi doll" "yachiro (let's jeer) kokeshi doll" "Hijiori (elbow cage) kokeshi doll".

It is said that these dolls were made to sell to people visiting the hot springs in the north east of the country from the middle of the Edo period (1600-1868). Five kinds of traditional dolls are produced in Miyagi Prefecture itself, namely naruko kokeshi, sakunami kokeshi, toogatta kokeshi, yajiro kokeshi, and hijiori kokeshi.

These highly appealing dolls with their extremely simplified form comprising only a head and body, have a charm and beauty all their own, given to them by creators, who are both honest and innocent, working surrounded by the natural beauty of the mountain villages in this area of Japan.

  • Notification

    skills and techniques

    Drying is thing by naturally drying.

    Bare wood structure is thing by any of the following.

    When is on clapper kokeshi doll, thing by the next technique or technique.

    Wild, sawing use wide potter's wheel and birokurogannao.

    After having done finish cut using wide potter's wheel and smoothing-plane, you polish, and finish bare wood finish.

    The head assumes "melon seed type".

    The trunk assumes "varus trunk" with step in the upper part.

    When is on Togatta kokeshi doll, thing by the next technique or technique.

    Wild, sawing use vertical potter's wheel and birokurogannao.

    After having done finish cut using vertical potter's wheel and smoothing-plane, you polish, and finish bare wood finish.

    The head assumes "melon seed type" or "lower dildo".

    Assume the trunk direct trunk of sloping shoulders.

    When is on yachiro kokeshi doll, thing by the next technique or technique.

    Wild, sawing use vertical potter's wheel and birokurogannao.

    After having done finish cut using vertical potter's wheel and smoothing-plane, you polish, and finish bare wood finish.

    The head has with "round shape" or "hairdressing type" "lower dildo" "Fukusuke type" "melon seed type".

    Or the trunk do direct trunk of sloping shoulders or middle constriction trunk with direct trunk with step or middle constriction trunk in the upper part.

    When is on Sakunami kokeshi doll, thing by the next technique or technique.

    Wild, sawing use vertical potter's wheel and birokurogannao.

    After having done finish cut using vertical potter's wheel and smoothing-plane, you polish, and finish bare wood finish.

    The head has with "melon seed type" or "round shape" "Fukusuke type".

    The trunk vinegars hem of sloping shoulders, and or you close hem with step in the upper part, and do direct trunk with direct trunk or lower constriction trunk.

    When is on Hijiori kokeshi doll, thing by the next technique or technique.

    Wild, sawing use potter's wheel and birokurogannao.

    After having done finish cut using potter's wheel and smoothing-plane, you polish, and finish bare wood finish.

    The head assumes "Fukusuke type" or "lower dildo".

    Or the trunk do direct trunk of sloping shoulders or hem expanse direct trunk with direct trunk with step or hem expanse direct trunk in the upper part.

    When install the head and the trunk, thing by the next technique or technique.

    When is on clapper kokeshi doll, thing by "fitting into."

    When is on Togatta kokeshi doll, yachiro kokeshi doll, Sakunami kokeshi doll and Hijiori kokeshi doll, "come in"; or is thing by "fitting into".

    *sai perform freehand drawing of any of the following.

    When it is on clapper kokeshi doll, and "face creates" "black-and-white paper strings hand and hair" or "chignon" on the head, and *sai do "dianthus" or "bellflower" and "potter's wheel design" "ayame" "Botan" "maple" "chrysanthemum" to o, the trunk.

    When it is on Togatta kokeshi doll, and "radial chignon band, touch chignon band and hair" or "okappa" "describe face" in the head, and "we are, and *sai do "cherry tree" or "potter's wheel design" "Botan" "ayame" clogs" "grain of wood" "neckband" "plum" "chrysanthemum" to o, the trunk.

    When it is on yachiro kokeshi doll, "hair is likely" or "chignon is likely" and "describes face", and *sai do "ayame" or "end string" "hem" "Matuba" "butterfly" "Botan" "neckband" "cherry tree" "branch plum" "chrysanthemum" "potter's wheel design" to o, the trunk "potter's wheel design" on the head

    When it is on Sakunami kokeshi doll, and "radial chignon band "and hair or "okappa" "describe face" in the head black-and-white paper strings-formed chignon band and going hair drawn back into a bun", and *sai do either of "chrysanthemum" and "potter's wheel design" or "Botan" and "potter's wheel design" to o, the trunk.

    When it is on Hijiori kokeshi doll, "and or and "we describe face", and *sai do "chrysanthemum" and "potter's wheel design" to o, the trunk "radial chignon band and hair hair ribbon-formed chignon band" on the head "okappa".

    Finish finish with roumigaki.

    Raw materials

    Assume bare wood material having materials which are equal to dogwood or maple or these.

    We grind *sai with sumi or dye.

    It be said that we have materials which are equal to rouha, sargasso low or cera alba or these.

  • Work scenery

    Kokeshi doll of clapper which is the oldest bare wood production center. There is kind of kokeshi doll of 5 systems in Miyagi, but it is characteristic of clapper kokeshi doll that potter's wheel is wide pull for body and that kyukkyu and sound sound when fitting into-type, neck turns when it pulls bare wood.

    Process 1: Timber conversion, wild pull

    Kokeshi doll uses dogwood mainly. After having begun to talk, we use dogwood which let you bark immediately and naturally dry tree for one year from six months. We cut off extra part. We make rough form of each part using potter's wheel afterwards. In the case of clapper, the feature of direction of this potter's wheel is that it is sideways-facing for body. (wide pull)

    Process 2: Head finish, trunk finish

    We finish with head, trunk separately. We sharpen all chisel directly without attaching badge in line. It goes down while checking curve, thickness with finger-tip and eyes. When form is regulated well, we polish with Kusaya, sandpaper. We acquire upper and lower potter's wheel design of trunk afterwards.

    Process 3: We fit head in trunk

    Here is big characteristic of clapper kokeshi doll. We fit trunk and head in spite of being mawashi with potter's wheel. Smoke appears by friction for an instant on this occasion. kyukkyu and sound sound when we turn brain that we fitted by hand, but part which we fitted in may not fall out as we dry because form delicately changes.

    Video is played when we click image

    Process 4: *sai

    As for the color to use, as for face and the hair, black, potter's wheel design and kimono pattern are colored red and blue (green). As for the design of kimono of clapper kokeshi doll, there are many car chrysanthemum about plan view design and things which did chrysanthemum in motif with chrysanthemum stack chrysanthemum which stacked chrysanthemum. Of chrysanthemum there are other designs such as Kaede, dianthus, Botan, too. Design varies according to craftsmen in same clapper system slightly.

    Video is played when we click image

    Process 5: rou coating

    If picture reckoning is over, we hang on potter's wheel once again and paint with rouo. Then grain of wood of dogwood shines still more beautifully. We look good with beauty of grain of wood and simple face very well. It is the completion of clapper kokeshi doll.


  • Close-up

    Clapper kokeshi doll which gentleness of woodworker laid

    It is somewhat ni teiruyona for somebody……. Clapper kokeshi doll of simple face of lips blooming on round nose subtly. What woodworker prepared into own child as toy in old days is said to be opening.


    What woodworker prepared into own child begins

    As for the kokeshi doll, it is said to be opening in culture, Bunsei approximately 200 years ago that people who ran bare wood business made doll of tree with Okuyama to plaything of own child. The doll became plaything of children of mountain village. It would be wish of children in that time that we wanted to see design of trunk of kokeshi doll that is state that put ornamental hairpin (ornamental hairpin) in pattern of kimono being beautiful and head, and was dressed up in such a kimono sometime. Duty that pretty doll serves as still has no change in old days. However, old toy that one one was handmade completely turned into thing of mass production in the present age, and children came to rarely play toy which we warmed up, and there was. Meanwhile, duty of kokeshi doll turns from plaything of children into doll for appreciation, too and reaches in now.

    Kokeshi doll which clapper kokeshi doll craftsman, Hideo Onuma made for the Doll's Festival of grandchild.

    Ancestors of kokeshi doll craftsman are woodworkers

    Ancestors of kokeshi doll craftsman who was woodworker if we said originally. As for Onuma who reported this time, is made with bare wood; seemed to be trained.

    Clapper kokeshi doll which woodworker produced. Container that Onuma was made as for the photograph several years ago.

    Characteristic of clapper kokeshi doll

    Face features forelock which we had done and wide bottle (horizontal hair), one fold of eye and round nose. *sai of trunk has stack chrysanthemum which looked at chrysanthemum from the side, car chrysanthemum which we likened to windmill, Kaede, dianthus, Botan. In addition, it is big characteristic of clapper kokeshi doll that it calls with kyukkyu and sounds sound, and was able to play when it turns neck. It is clapper kokeshi doll blooming elegantly, but, in kimono of beautiful pattern, has a simple look to feel friendly feeling very much.

    Do you somewhat resemble somebody immediate?

    We make tool to use by oneself

    A lot of tools which we have not looked at get into eyes when we have you show process to make kokeshi doll. "What kind of place is this tool sold in? After asking with ", "do not sell, all make tool by oneself. Saying do **; Onuma. "It is the same as dishes. Basics it to make by oneself if we eat and do not like." We repair even commercial article to own arm of a river by all means, and it is said that we use. When it is tool which person made, we seem to be missing while we use. It is oneself to know own habit best. As for all the effect, craftsman is particular about tool simply because it is applied to one arm. We think of own habit, power condition carefully and make tool while devising. Be opposite to own power. The making of kokeshi doll begins in there.

    • "We make by oneself if we want to use tool which it is easy to use. Basics this"

    • Japanese towel of whole country kokeshi doll festival that it is clapper every year to be bound head, and is held on first Saturday and Sunday of September

    Craftsman profile

    Hideo Onuma (onumahideo)

    The fourth generation of Onuma Taro Iwa system clapper kokeshi doll.
    We inherited design of kokeshi doll from generation to generation.


    Miyagi Dento Kokeshi clapper system

    Clapper kokeshi doll loved as toy of children of mountain village became souvenirs with the development as hot-spring resort of clapper, and "kokeshi doll and hot spring" built the history of together this town.
    Hot spring Shrine

    It is company in Engi era type overlooking hot-spring resort of clapper from hill. "It exploded at last, and it was in spout, river, and, in the Chronicles of Japan sequel to, it drifted to boiling water for a few days money, April, 837 (Jowa 4) of the Ninna Emperor, Toya ke forest to rumble suddenly. Country woman reported to the Imperial Court in wonder. The Imperial Court worships God of hot spring, and it seems to be written, we have sub-fifth place bottom for these ten a year nine days a month. Lion dance and miniature shrine, callithump parade around hot-spring resort at festival on first Saturday and Sunday in September and are dedicated to Shinto shrine every year.
    We seemed to call this hot spring hot water of cry (cry) in old days. It is said that this is the origin of clapper (we come).
    Access: There is approach to a shrine of stone stairway for hot water of the following waterfall. It is hot spring Shrine when we climb there.

    Furuyu "hot water of waterfall" with the history of 1,000 years

    There are public bathhouse of town, hot water of waterfall when below stone stairway of approach to a shrine of hot spring Shrine. It is hot water with the history of 1,000 years as God hot water of Naruko Onsen Shrine. We are effective against dermatopathia, high blood pressure. Skin nitsurunto is good, and hot water is familiar. As it is public bathhouse, we can enter at 150 yen for adults, bargain rate of child 100 yen. In the inside, all the pails are ready to carry out both bathtub and obstacle with tree, and how to get light is calm atmosphere, too. Local people are used well, and intelligence about Narukocho should begin with here.
    Rate: 150 yen for adults, child 100 yen
    Use time: From 7:30 to 22:00
    Address: It is one of 〒 989-6823 Narukocho, Tamatsukuri-gun, Miyagi hot-bath resort 84 yusaya inn
    TEL: None
    Access: A 3-minute walk from getting off at JR Rikuu East Line Naruko-Onsen Station

    Clapper, Waseda box hot water to be able to enjoy as building

    In summer of 1948 when there was not room, student of Waseda University received practical training in bowling after the war in Narukocho. Because the inside under hot weather, digging work were inexperienced, we were full of difficulty. When September began, and work came to last to the middle of the night, boiling water broke through the ground like mud flood at last at midnight 3:00 on one day and broke out. It is birth of hot water of Waseda. Thereafter it is got close to many people and continues up to the present day. Current building is rebuilt by design of Waseda University Osamu Ishiyama laboratory entirely in just the 50th-year 1998 of Waseda hot water birth, and it is bright creamy building unique at all. Ceiling is expensive, and the room becomes wonderful space that a lot of light of nature pours, too. Outdoor bath which can take a bath while looking at blue sky is attached. As this is only for reservations, we can relax between family, friends.
    Rate: 500 yen for adults, child 300 yen, chartered open-air bath 1,000 yen
    Use time: From 7:30 to 22:00
    Address: 〒 989-6822 124-1, Arayashiki, Narukocho, Tamatsukuri-gun, Miyagi
    TEL: 0229-83-4751
    FAX: 0229-83-4764
    Access: A 3-minute walk from getting off at JR Rikuu East Line Naruko-Onsen Station

    yachiro kokeshi doll which was created in small among the mountains of magnificent Mount Zao

    yachiro kokeshi doll which was brought up with history of Kamasaki Onsen that opened out small between the mountains of Zao. The bright hue is greatly different from other Miyagi Dento Kokeshi. Potter's wheel design of yachiro kokeshi doll which shined in rich green well would attract eyes of people who visited this hot spring resort.


    Dogwood with strong vitality

    Cherry tree, camellia, maple of cortex of slightly strange hue is used as materials of kokeshi doll, but cortex that after all main bare wood of Miyagi Dento Kokeshi is white is beautiful dogwood recently. This dogwood is felled every year from the autumn equinoctial week to the spring equinoctial week. And we bark immediately and we invert and lean and dry for one year from half a year. Even if it stands more than half a year if it does not invert after it fells, this is because it sends out buds when it is spring. Strength of creature getting over winter of severe Michinoku is right here. Is this because it assumes such a dogwood materials? Miyagi Dento Kokeshi let you feel some fortitude while smiling calmly.

    After having felled, we make it easy to bark immediately, and to dry. We invert and lean that it is spring and does not send out buds.

    Arm of dogwood of this land and this land

    We want to use beautiful dogwood of grain of wood that grew up in severe cold of this ground. However, in late years dogwood of this ground which became materials decreased by flow in the times, and it was the current situation that was apt to rely to materials to bring from other land. sonnanaka, Sakyo Niiyama (niiyamasakyo) who reported this time begin to plant tree of dogwood in the mountains of the every year home back for 26 years that were the heyday of kokeshi doll and say that we came to be able to do dogwood which at last grew up from the next year with materials of yachiro kokeshi doll.
    Conventional colorful color and pretty potter's wheel design will return to made yachiro kokeshi doll from now on. It will be that life of dogwood only in this land increases thought for 26 years of kokeshi doll craftsman Sakyo.

    Chip of wood of dogwood. Rich curve is made by hand of kokeshi doll craftsman, and potter's wheel design, *sai of face are formed, and there will be simple yachiro kokeshi doll from now on.

    Is once a year, or encounter that there is not

    Many kokeshi doll craftsmen divide work only into trunk by describing and day on day representing pattern of face and kimono on day to make trunk. Hand shakes, and writing brush does not seem to run as expected when we do *sai after heavy labor to saw tree.
    When after all it draws face to concentrate on most while it builds up kokeshi doll. We put eyes first to record life on one one kokeshi doll. "The first face and the tenth faces are different among days. After all saying one of writing brush is different in buttocks, and it is said, and the tenth is always doing face; as for saying is; Sakyo. It is Sakyo who begins to make kokeshi doll, and is the 55th year, but, as for what face which we liked by oneself can describe, Sakyo faces kokeshi doll of one one every day saying "it is this!" that there is one in hundred and kokeshi doll to make for one year or that it is said because naikadatoiu concentrated on and may not describe face and few can meet a lot kokeshi doll to be this.

    We fix breathing and draw face. At moment about eyes, life seemed to be totally recorded on kokeshi doll.

    For craftsman, workshop itself is heart place to settle

    Potter's wheel was going around the place where Sakyo informed that it is saying "after all this place is the first in it.". But switch of potter's wheel is cut, and set of inkstone and writing brush is put in corner of quiet work top.
    Surely I who imagined rooms of tatami mat without permission when it was place of quiet atmosphere was slightly surprised at place that worked facing kokeshi doll. However, space of this workshop is place where there is heavy labor hardest for Sakyo, and thing, it to have space that raises one concentration, and feeling is place feeling relaxed, and can pour own soul into workshop may be conditions that are necessary for what kind of craftsman, and this place with potter's wheel stand is place that is indispensable because facing each one kokeshi doll and oneself create understanding things for Sakyo. No, from place to pick up one dogwood, it begins at time when Sakyo faces kokeshi doll from place to plant seedling.

    We write name case of the last finish at this place. Inkstone using is Officially designated Traditional craft products, Ogatsu Suzuri of same Miyagi.

    Craftsman profile

    Sakyo Niiyama (niiyamasakyo)

    Succeed yachiro kokeshi doll following from the early period of Edo era; 55.
    We continued planting dogwood which became materials of kokeshi doll in this village every year for 26 years.


    It develops with yachiro kokeshi doll hot spring

    yachiro kokeshi doll developed as the foot of Zao, excellent hot water which had the history of 600 years in slightly remote place from yachiroshuraku, souvenir of Kamasaki Onsen. It is said to be the opening that women went around room of inn having kokeshi doll which we made as souvenir of Kamasaki Onsen in yachiroshuraku.

    Kokeshi doll Shinto shrine

    In this kokeshi doll Shinto shrine called "shoyakyuikyoshinoshinsha", "we saw of kokeshi doll for the first time" formally in every year on January 2 of the beginning of the year, and ga line is broken, and yachiro kokeshi doll craftsman alone every year makes kokeshi doll at this place and puts in this Shinto shrine. We line all up all over moss Shiga dedicated to, and the history of yachiro kokeshi doll is just seen until now. These people who "saw for the first time, and live in yachirojiku on no day of kokeshi doll" serve zoni or sacred sake. Traditional custom that local children carry kokeshi doll miniature shrine where kokeshi doll is enshrined on their shoulder remains.

    Kamasaki Onsen

    Kamasaki Onsen that was handed down when villager discovered in point of sickle in old days more than 600 years was known as mineral spring and was excellent hot water which lord of Date used once, and we showed bustle that was serious by the late Tokugawa period, and woodworkers of yachiro made kokeshi doll for souvenir from that time, and it turned around, and women sold room of inn of Kamasaki Onsen with bare wood and kokeshi doll and established yachiro kokeshi doll. "Sickle point business" meant that we went around this Kamasaki Onsen and sold kokeshi doll, and way of this business seemed to continue until around 1959.

    Miyagi Dento Kokeshi which new kokeshi doll culture spreads through whenever we exceed mountain

    Traditional kokeshi doll which there are 4 systems only in Miyagi. The border is the mountains of Michinoku that let you make that severe winter is more difficult. "The skill" that came across mountain rooted in the area and made up newly original culture once.


    Model of Togatta (we felt far-off) kokeshi doll is Kyomi person?

    Characteristic of kokeshi doll of Togatta (we felt far-off) is hair ornament described in top of beautiful woman face called pursed lips and head in the letter of red radiation on nose which went to eyes of patch re-toshita two folds straight. This is said to image hair ornament of geisha, high-class prostitute (I do not need) of Kyoto. Why is Kyomi person model in the ground of Togatta of Miyagi that left Kyoto distantly?

    When form of current Togatta kokeshi doll is established, it is related with Kyo Ningyo in beautiful kimono having reached the ground of Michinoku again this as dress-up doll of children as admiration use of adult. General people seemed to be like being able to hardly have in their hand, though, when gold leaf was used for Kyo Ningyo and wore Nishijin Ori.

    Based on this Kyo Ningyo, Sendai bank doll left as tradition of Sendai was just made before long. We would look at this beautiful Kyo Ningyo and Sendai bank doll somewhere. Woodworker of Togatta "wants to give children of Togatta beautiful doll such as this doll." We let the facial features be lucid like Kyo Ningyo from such thought at least and made kokeshi doll which touched hair ornament of high-class prostitute to head. This is said to have laid groundwork for painting of current Togatta kokeshi doll.

    We want to give children a lot of beautiful dolls. Painting that assumed beautiful Kyo Ningyo motif was created in Togatta by thought of such a woodworker.

    Kokeshi doll culture that only Tohoku has

    There is the word "hot spring cure". In Japan where these a lot of hot springs were boiled, people healed body for the effect for a long time. There are a lot of old hot springs called excellent hot water in the northeastern mountains. When suppression of the feudal age disappeared at the beginning of the Meiji era, farmers who finished severe farming in the year went over mountain and came to visit hot-springs resort of this Michinoku. As for the farmers who worked as hard as possible by soaking in hot water, mind and body might rest body slowly together. Hot spring was rewards from those days to oneself who worked hard. It goes without saying that kokeshi doll was pleased with as memory that came to such a place.
    Kokeshi doll culture that developed as souvenir of hot spring resort. Water was rich there were many woodworkers and, in this country which the whole country had a lot of hot spring resorts in Japan of volcano zone and was wrapped in much forest, was in each place. Hot spring resort that was local condition that developed of kokeshi doll culture and pair called woodworker existed in various parts of Japan. However, it is only the Tohoku district that kokeshi doll culture rooted. Why or - -.

    It may be connected with northeastern severe winter climate. During severe winter, work that farmer can do has been limited. One of the inside was made with bare wood, and the making of kokeshi doll became popular as souvenirs to people who came during winter in hot spring resort. It might be said that kokeshi doll culture was brought about, and balance of the and supply and demand developed kokeshi doll culture simply because it was Tohoku with severe winter, and kokeshi doll craftsman established the skill.

    Hot spring of Togatta. People came over to spa Togatta across the mountains for this bath. Kokeshi doll was pleased with as the souvenir very much, and kokeshi doll culture developed.

    Mountain range is boundary line of kokeshi doll culture

    It was boundary line where mountain also divided culture into in the times when there were not car and tunnel so that different culture existed there when we went over the sea. Traditional kokeshi doll is divided into 11 systems, but it may be said that the northeastern point one goes over a mountain was severe as for this. These 11 systems are greatly divided into two technique again more after the Ou Mountains. When the Pacific side saws bare wood, saw potter's wheel for body lengthwise, the Sea of Japan side is yokoban kitoiuyoni.
    The skill made with kokeshi doll was accepted originally in each land and developed. As a result, it is system of 11, one which we saw, and traditional kokeshi doll of one was formed on of two ways of potter's wheels.

    Across severe mountain which separated culture, visited hot spring resort, being pleased would be particular. At last we arrive at land where cultures spread through and soak in hot spring slowly. They packed kokeshi doll with memory of such a trip, and people would return to usual place again.

    The mountains of Zao. Distribution of information was apart by mountain, and each town's original culture has been built. Kokeshi doll is one, too, and kokeshi doll culture of 11 systems exists now in Tohoku.

    Craftsman profile

    Tetsuro Sato (we beat, and let's have cramped)

    It was born in 1932.
    We hang over potter's wheel since the age of 15 years old.
    The seventh generation of Togatta Yoshiro flat system kokeshi doll craftsman.
    Clearness of plane and flowing elegant men* have unique taste.


    Miyagi Dento Kokeshi Togatta system


    In Shinto shrine where we presented god of the mountain of Zao to, it was called Zao temple in old days. When it was handed down when this God who protected the mountains of magnificent Zao was God of woman, and woman entered mountain at old days, God baked Yakimochi, and reason, work in mountain have been done with work of man when they offended. With establishment of prefectures in place of feudal domains, we came to be presented as karidemmineshinsha in 1871. It is on mountain which town can overlook to watch town of Togatta, and cinnabar red torii shining in mountain magnificently reminds of God of woman protecting the mountains of proudhearted Zao.

    Consider; quantity Shinto shrine

    As God of potter's wheel woodworker, we consider, and the quantity Imperial prince is honored. When woodworker entered mountain, we cut and brought down tree and sawed potter's wheel in hut of the mountain and made bare wood and were style to come back to village in old days. In other words, we stayed on mountain for several days if we entered once and worked. Way entered mountain which was not maintained like the present, and work of woodworker who began because we cut and brought down tree with one ax was always dangerous. This having prayed by security of work in mountain before such woodworkers enter mountain; consider, and is quantity Shinto shrine.

    Sakunami kokeshi doll which watches growth of children of Sakunami

    Sakunami kokeshi doll which we established as souvenir of people who visited this Sakunami, Sendai hot spring with the history of 1200. As memory that is a graduate of elementary school, it is given children of this ground now. Kokeshi doll will be carved with on chest with thought to native district of people of Sakunami.


    Beautiful dogwood grows up in severe cold

    Sakunami, Sendai district is located in boundary with Miyagi and Yamagata called Yamagata-shi if they go over mountain.
    Tree of dogwood becoming raw materials of Sakunami kokeshi doll uses a lot tree entering at Yamagata. Because we are blown by wind of the Sea of Japan where tree of Yamagata side is cold, growth is late, and there are many trees which are thin for the age of a tree. Kenichi Hiraga (hiragakenichi) of Sakunami kokeshi doll craftsman who reported this time saying it was saying "after all tree which spent years in severe environment, and grew is beautiful.". We shifted to wood which entered at foreign countries that wood of furniture and house was fast-growing, and were cheap for here ten several years busily. However, it is the refined finish, and, as for the Miyagi Dento Kokeshi which beauty of grain of wood can say to all life of them, culture brought up in beauty, strictness of nature of Michinoku and this land is clogged up simply because we are doing tree which grew through severe winter of Michinoku with materials.

    Grain of wood is clogged up, and dogwood which grew up in severe Michinoku where snow is left until the beginning of April is beautiful.

    Play culture and kokeshi doll of child

    Kokeshi dolls which were plaything of child if we said originally before becoming souvenir of hot spring resort. For example, we carried clapper kokeshi doll and Togatta kokeshi doll on our back, and it seemed to have been idle by wind that we helped put on kimono. Therefore it becomes form that it is easy to assume form of size and trunk and is easy to wind cloth around and reaches in now.
    On the other hand, while it was tried to be to back of mother (like rattle saying in now), children smaller than clapper and Togatta grasped kokeshi doll in small hand, and kokeshi doll of Sakunami more than some mountains seemed to play from clapper, Togatta. Therefore size varied in now, but was size that small child grasped by hand in those days and could play.
    Originally it was kokeshi doll which we were not suitable for displaying with instability when Sakunami kokeshi doll raised in particular because we did not appreciate. However, kokeshi doll becomes for appreciation of adult from plaything of children with passage of times, and Sakunami kokeshi doll is devised, and it is with a table kokeshi doll which Sakunami kokeshi doll features that there was.

    We do not only protect. We took in the times and demand of people, and Sakunami kokeshi doll was established. We are informed technique surely while time goes by. However, how to catch in the times is entrusted each craftsman with in the time.

    With a table kokeshi doll of Sakunami that demand of people to want to take passage of times and kokeshi doll of this Sakunami to go as hot spring souvenir, invention of craftsman brought about

    Kokeshi doll which watches growth of children of Sakunami

    Own Sakunami kokeshi doll with name is given graduate of Sakunami Elementary School at the time of graduation. Hiraga suggests 14 years ago and is still continued. Hiraga begins to make kokeshi doll given children graduating from Sakunami Elementary School every year when it becomes before graduation season. We put the name of children carefully one by one and finish.
    Children who graduated become adult before long and carry this town or leave town and will play an active part in some other town. Kokeshi doll which Hiraga made may watch growth of children of such Sakunami calmly. And time that we spent in this Sakunami in happy elementary school days will be remembered when we had kokeshi doll in our hand again.

    From Kenjiro (the photograph depths) who it is father, and is teacher to Kenichi (photograph this side). And kokeshi doll technology of Sakunami is inherited to Teruyuki who it is son, and is pupil.

    Craftsman profile

    Kenichi Hiraga (hiragakenichi)

    We begin to make kokeshi doll in commemoration of graduation of Sakunami Elementary School, and it is 14 years.

    People from Sakunami will remember town of this quiet hot spring if they see kokeshi doll even if they lived on remote ground distantly.


    Sakunami Onsen

    Sakunami kokeshi doll developed as souvenir of Sakunami Onsen. It is Furuyu where Sakunami Onsen is said to be 1200 than open hot water. There is "hot water of hawk" which came so that hawk shot with arrow in the times of Genji in the old days heals wound, and effect (we work for shokuenho*sen, nerve, rheumatism) of for a long time hot water is known. There is hot-spring hotel along the valley to be located in valley. There is outdoor bath where most hotels, inns made use of scenery of beautiful valley in, and they are superb views. We are immersed in hot hot water while hearing sound to spread of water in open-air bath and can enjoy snow scene in colored leaves, winter in green and autumn. A certain this hot spring seems to come in rich nature to be sometimes immersed in monkey.




Industrial art object name Miyagi Dento Kokeshi
Phonetic symbol Father kokeshi doll which does not leave Miyagi
Classification of industrial art object Dolls and Kokeshi
Main product Kokeshi doll
Main production area Miyagi / Sendai-shi, Shiroishi-shi, Osaki-shi, Zao-machi, Katsuta-gun and Shichikasyuku-machi, Kawasaki-machi, Shibata-gun, Matsushima-machi, Miyagi-gun
The designation date June 22, 1981

Contact information

■local production associations

Clapper bare wood toy cooperative association
74-2, Narukoonsenshitomae, Osaki-shi, Miyagi
The Japanese kokeshi doll building
TEL: 0229-83-3600
FAX: 0229-82-2589

Japanese kokeshi doll building

yachiro kokeshi doll business cooperative association
kyujokenhakuishishifukuokahachikyujiyachirokita 72-1
yachiro kokeshi doll in the village
TEL: 0224-26-3993
FAX: 0224-26-3993

Sendai district tradition kokeshi doll artisan association
Imozawa, Aoba-ku, Sendai-shi, Miyagi character Otake Nitta lower 30
Masahiro Sato
TEL: 022-394-3005
FAX: 022-394-3098

Togatta tradition kokeshi doll artisan association
Chinatown Area, Toogattaonsen, Zao-machi, Katsuta-gun, Miyagi west mountain behind 36-135
The Miyagi Zao kokeshi doll building
TEL: 0224-34-2385
FAX: 0224-34-2300

■We visit production center from foreign countries
Miyagi Dento Kokeshi - production center visit article

■Associated exhibit space, facility


In addition to the beauty of molding that is full of, and was simplified only as for the head and the body, figure which is pretty with neatness is beauty born heartily of simple creator among nature of mountain village.

Miyagi dento kokeshi dolls, comprised of only a head and body, combining the beauty of the extremely simplified shape, and their innocent, sweet expression, clearly show the pristine heart of the artisans who produce them in mountain villages surrounded by the vastness of nature.

How to make

After having let you peel tree becoming materials of kokeshi doll and naturally dry for from six months to one year, we cut tree to dimensions in total and cut unnecessary part. We turn potter's wheel and sharpen head, trunk with plane (plane) and describe pattern of face and trunk in thing which we polished in sandpaper yatokusa and we swat head and put into trunk.

First the bark is peeled from the wood which will serve as the material of the dolls, and then the wood is dried for 6 to 12 months. After it is dried, the wood is then cut according to the design, removing unnecessary parts. The wood is then turned on a spinning lathe to carve the body and head, after which the pieces are smoothed with sand paper or scouring rushes. The design of the head and body are then painted onto the corresponding pieces, and finally the head is attached to the body by tapping it on with a hammer.

Voice from production center

It discolors and becomes ugly when we touch by wet hands. In addition, please avoid place getting wind of air-conditioning directly. Because dyeing is vulnerable to ultraviolet ray, please avoid direct rays of the sun. In addition, please do not put near fire.