Sedge hat of Ecchu FukuokaEtchu Fukuoka Sedge Hats

It was old and, with sewing shade which began in the 1400s, Kaga feudal clan produced in the Edo era and spread in the whole country by having recommended. By production technology that we made use of high quality sedge grass in, we are used as tools such as awning, rain-cover by farming or traditional event, festival of various parts of Japan.

Sedge hat weaving started way back in the 1400s and spread throughout the entire country during the Edo Period when its production was promoted in the Kaga domain. Production techniques using high-quality sedge enabled these hats to be used as sunshades and rain hats for farming, and as paraphernalia for traditional events, festivals, and other occasions throughout Japan.

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    skills and techniques


    "Shade bone" is thing by the next technique or technique.


    "Outer ring bone" (gawabone) gives "nail" and loops, and you put "pick", and keep.


    You sharpen calvarial heap part thinly, and insert "the middle rib" in "the outer ring rib".


    When you bend and do process, you heat "middle bone", and bend.


    "Shade sewing" is thing by the next technique or technique.


    On the shade back, we grind "shikake".


    After having stroked sedge grass which we attached in "nozuke", finish sewing with thread.


    Parietal area grinds "brain stop".


    Raw materials


    It be said that bamboo to use has materials which are equal to Chinese bamboo common Japanese bamboo or a kind of thick-stemmed bamboo or these to outer ring bone. It be said that we have property that is equal to pleioblastus simonii or this to middle bone.


    It be said that sedge grass has property that is equal to Carex dispalata or this.

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    Work scenery

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Industrial art object name Sedge hat of Ecchu Fukuoka
Phonetic symbol etchufukuokanosugegasa
Classification of industrial art object Other Crafts
Main product
Main production area Toyama / Takaoka-shi, Tonami-shi, Oyabe-shi, Nanto-shi
The designation date November 30, 2017

Contact information

■local production associations

Sedge hat promotion society of Ecchu Fukuoka
255-1, Fukuokamachishimomino, Takaoka-shi, Toyama welcome Fukuoka
TEL: 0766-75-7874
FAX: 0766-75-7874

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