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Ceramics Nagasaki

Mikawachi Yaki

Fish type plate (the cane)

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Fish type plate (the cane) (7100833100038)

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4,000 yen
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 As for the characteristic of Mikawachi Yaki, we include white porcelain openwork that dyed pattern and elaborateness are minute by asbolite represented by Chinese hairdo picture, again thin white porcelain "eggshell hand". It features brightness such as ball which burnt at handicraft, high temperatures such as delicate elegant dyed pattern, openwork shining in the smooth skin and the white porcelain.


 In addition, earthenware of fine striped pattern is known as Kihara fine striped pattern as well as white porcelain. Series that this dish made the sea and whale like Nagasaki motif is masterpiece which can enjoy largeheartedness and delicacy at the same time.


<careful with handling method>
※It may cause cracks by sudden temperature change.
※You cannot use with oven.
※Microwave oven can use, but please be careful about the following point enough.
 1.We soak earthenware which is in condition to have warmed in water
 2.We put earthenware which is in a cool state in the microwave oven which warmed and cook.
※You can use dishwasher.
※About hue or expression
 For freehand drawing by a piece of a piece of craftsman, hue or expression are different from photograph.
 In addition, we cannot have you choose expression or hue.

Dimensions: Approximately 14cm in width X approximately 8cm in height X approximately 2cm in height
Accessories: Paper box
Producer: Nimbus kiln

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Mikawachi Yaki


It is beginning to have let ceramist whom ruler of land which participated in the Korea dispatch of troops by Hideyoshi Toyotomi of the end of 16th century brought back from Korea bake kiln.

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