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Red glazing reveal bottle

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Red glazing reveal bottle (7100833600033)

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It is reveal bottle container to originally pour liquor, and to hang on waist, and to carry. We are doing strange form to fit body, and string to hang is on. As red print of Fumi does roast twice, it takes effort. The feature is that red color varies according to kilns.


※One point of product varies in a piece of texture, but please enjoy as charm of handmade article.

Dimensions: Width 20 X height 14 X 8.5cm in depth
Accessories: Paper box
Producer: Kobashigawa ceramics place two Deva kings kiln

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Tsuboya Yaki


In the late 17th century, Chibana kiln (Chiba friend) of Misato, treasure mouth kiln (takaraguchigama) of Shuri, *denkama (wakutagama) of Naha were unified in current Tsuboyacho by King of Ryukyu prefecture and were born.

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