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Laquer Ware Aomori

Tsugaru Nuri

Wrapping a cylinder round tray

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Wrapping a cylinder round tray (7100840100014)

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We begin to polish, and, in Tsugaru Nuri characterized by something unusual coat technique, this Tang coat is representative technique. After having given base using hiba mainly, we repeat various color lacquer and paint with basis material using "device seawife" and we do clouded gold lacquer and provide pattern and finish. It is solid and is full of utility, but can enjoy even if we display.

Materials: Middle quality fiberboard, lacquer

※There is not informal tea ceremony.

※Because we make by hand, one point of entry of design varies in one point. Please enjoy as handmade charm.

Dimensions: 24cm in diameter 2cm in height 
Accessories: Paper box
Producer: Kobayashi Laquer Ware

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Tsugaru Nuri

Laquer Ware

Beginning of Tsugaru Nuri dates back early in the Edo era. When craftsman made with Laquer Ware which was renewed by feudal lord of Tsugaru feudal clan whether it is meal began, we are informed.

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