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Hidehira Nuri

Wineglass cherry tree

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Wineglass cherry tree (7100840200028)

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8,000 yen
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Cherry tree of bottom rises on the surface of the water when we pour liquid inside and is very stylish. Handle of gold fitting any white, red, rose color is beautiful.


※One point of product varies in a piece of texture, but please enjoy as charm of handmade article.

Dimensions: Diameter 5.5cm 21cm in height
Accessories: Paper box
Producer: Marusan Laquer Ware

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Hidehira Nuri

Laquer Ware

We had our own way with power and financial power in Hiraizumi-cho, Iwate for last years of the Heian era, and, with Oshu Fujiwara who brought Buddhist art including Chuson-ji gold temple (chusonjikonjikido) on this ground, Hidehira Nuri was begun.

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