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Woodcraft, Bamboo Craftwork Akita

Odate Mage Wappa

Unvarnished wood palm lunch (the small)

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Unvarnished wood palm lunch (the small) (7100850300053)

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8,000 yen
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 Lunch box of "palm size." It is the finish which is simple, and is very light. As partition is not fixed, you can use distribution of rice and side dish for preference.


※By the drying up of material that we are prohibited from felling of natural Akita cedar (2012), we are using nature cedars more than 150 years of North Tohoku neighborhood years old now. (May, 2018 ...)


<careful with handling method>
※You wash in water quickly before using, and please move rice after having wiped with dry dishcloth well.
※*After being cleanser and scrubbing brush, and washing after the use, and having rinsed out with running water, you wipe with dry dishcloth, and please dry without closing the cap.
 *As you may change color when you use sodium bicarbonate, please avoid use.

※About hue or expression
 For freehand drawing by a piece of a piece of craftsman, hue or expression are different from photograph.
 In addition, we cannot have you choose expression or hue.

Dimensions: Approximately 10cm in height X approximately 18cm in width X approximately 4cm in depth capacity: Approximately 500 ml 
Accessories: Paper box
Producer: Yoshinobu Shibata store

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Odate Mage Wappa

Woodcraft, Bamboo Craftwork

When Yoshinobu Satake who was military commander of Toyotomi who lost in the Battle of Sekigahara was made to move from Mito that was previous territory to Akita by Tokugawa shogunate government, as for the living of citizen of territory of Akita, there was even person who was in trouble for food on the poorly at all day.

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Odate Mage Wappa

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