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Takayama Chasen

Inside wild ear

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Inside wild ear (7100858400038)

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It is bamboo tea whisk for strong tea. The feudal lord whole families were transmission from father to son, and Takayama Chasen conveyed technique that we inherited to trustworthy vassal later originally, and it prospered as local industry. After having used, we wash with pure hot water well and last a long time when we naturally dry.

※In property of bamboo, crazing is caused, but please enjoy as scenery.

Dimensions: Pattern, 2.2cm in diameter Upbound ear, 6cm in diameter
Accessories: Plastic box
Producer: Takayama, Nara bamboo tea whisk production cooperative association

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Takayama Chasen

Woodcraft, Bamboo Craftwork

It is in the middle of the Muromachi era, and thing which son of Takayama feudal lord made by request of Juko Murata who is the founder of tea ceremony does by opening.

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