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Metalworking product Kumamoto

Higo Zogan

Pendant grape

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Pendant grape (7100861600050)

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It is industrial arts which inlay (inlay) buries gold and silver in groove which we chopped in metal, and expresses Fumi. As red finish is process of printing of color, and the number of times increases, the surface is very tense and is hard to be accompanied by wound (wound), and rust becomes hard to strongly appear, besides, to get damp. Design of grape which we made use of large metal in is beautiful pendant.

※A piece of a piece of textures are different, but please enjoy as charm of handmade article.

Dimensions: Necklace length: Approximately 44cm top part width: Approximately 1cm      Length: Approximately 2cm
Accessories: Wooden box
Producer: boden*

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Higo Zogan

Metalworking product

It is assumed father that Matashichi Hayashi who served Marquis Tadatoshi Hosokawa who entered the country as Higo king in 1632 (Kanei 9) made inlay on the brim of gun and sword.

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