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Dolls and Kokeshi Shizuoka

Suruga Hina Ningyo

Dance of celestial maiden

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Dance (7100872000016) of celestial maiden

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Miho no Matsubara known as celestial maiden legend was authorized in 2013 same as Mount Fuji by world natural heritage. With work in commemoration of it, we took all over hairstyle using original silk cloth in the times of Heian. We use cloisonne for hair ornament.


※Pattern or expressions of kimono are delicately different one point of one point, but please enjoy as charm of handmade article.

Dimensions: Carpet: 20cm in height 30.5cm in width doll: 15.5cm in height Screen: 22cm in height
Producer: Sano bamboo Ougi

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


About this industrial art object


Suruga Hina Ningyo

Dolls and Kokeshi

*tenshin by "kiri*" (lie) can watch the opening when we follow the origin of Suruga Hina Ningyo. It is considered to be opening we call master of earthware together from Mino, and to have created clay idols.

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Dolls and Kokeshi Shizuoka

Suruga Hina Ningyo

The investigation by koto

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