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k-38 wineglass Ruri 

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k-38 wineglass Ruri (7100873400044)

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Cut glass began in the Edo era. It is technique like Bohemian glass, but design puts classic model peculiar to Japan including chrysanthemum and basket eyes together and lets Japanese style feel in some way. It is special dish of general-purpose gift which you can use immediately in taste of irregularities only by handicraft, country of any place.


※Entry and textures of a piece of a piece of design are different, but please enjoy as charm of handmade article.


Materials: Soda glass

Dimensions: 7.0cm in diameter 17.5cm in height
Accessories: Wooden box
Producer: Edo Kiriko cooperative association

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


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Edo Kiriko

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It is said to be opening that person called Hisashi Kagaya soldier of the Imperial Guard who ran vidro shop in large Temmacho of Edo in 1834 (Tenpo 5) put sculpture for the surface of glass mimicking cut glass made in the U.K.

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Other Crafts Tokyo

Edo Kiriko

k-38 wineglass red

15,000 yen (tax-excluded)