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Edo Mokuhanga

Hokusai Katsushika "*takesanjurokukei" (the Kanagawa wave back)

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Hokusai Katsushika "*takesanjurokukei" (the Kanagawa wave back) (7100873500065)

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13,000 yen
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We make full use of carving of ukiyoe print print, technique of woodcut print having been continued since the Edo era, and it is produced all by manual labor. Reproduction of *takesanjurokukei of Hokusai Katsushika said to have contributed to world heritage registration of this Mount Fuji. This "Kanagawa offing wave back" is proud of great popularity with red Fuji, Kurofuji.

Dimensions: 48.5cm in width 33cm in height (we include mount)
Accessories: Bag
Producer: Takamizawa xylograph company

This industrial art object can purchase even Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.


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Edo Mokuhanga

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Edo Mokuhanga came to color color by writing brush on the print of one color of sumi, and these progressed as black and white woodcut with simple colors added, rouge color print, lacquer block, but invention to print color on in woodcut was done, and it was possible for two or three colors of shokusuribankaku (printed ukiyoe). Furthermore, in 1765 (Meiwa 2), we printed to money and silver and were crowded and came to be able to print off intermediate color with xylograph, too, and style of polychromatic woodcut print was established.

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