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With the origin of blue white porcelain, make use of the subject matter

Hasami Yaki Masami Yamaguchi

We visited Masami Yamaguchi during production demonstration in Aoyama square on September 2, 2013.

Master craftsman original gate-guard office kiln blue white porcelain exhibition of the Hasami Yaki present age

-Basic knowledge - of Hasami Yaki

At the end of 16th century, Omura feudal lord participates in the Korea dispatch of troops of Hideyoshi Toyotomi,
It is said that it was begun by Korean ceramist whom we brought when we return home.

Porcelain came to be baked early in the Edo era, and, other than bowl and plate, daily necessities such as sake bottles were produced.
Above all, bowl of thick dyed pattern is used as tableware selling liquor and meal to people on ship in anchorage of Osaka,
It was known whether "you did not drink as bowl" well.

It features delicate, deep taste of dyed pattern painted in beauty of transparent white porcelain and blue asbolite (does).
In addition, from thing which improves to change of the times, and continues making, and is traditional from thing to modern thing,
There is wide product.

It is ceramist by nature.

Please tell opportunity after starting this work.

It is reason (reason) that occurred in prestigious family to hand down technique inherited ceaselessly to from generation to generation (we pass more than 400 years).

I am ceramist by nature.


Are the basics thought to have acquired in around several years?

Even if 40 grows old even if 30 grows old, we think that it is repetition of repetition training. I think blue white porcelain to be fashion. We terminate in it if we stop.

We continue polishing sensitivity and challenge and want to always produce works which let "the new times" fuse with "tradition".

One work usually spends time of how much, and is it completed?

Soil kneading on fire → Molding → Drying → Unglazed → Glaze → By burning, it takes around one month.

When you make work, what do you care about?

As I often make relatively big work (around 60cm), in the case of drying, we care about big work.
As humidity or temperature vary according to seasons, we depend on sense that we acquired by longtime experience.

We get particularly big work for sense looking after child carefully.

Please tell points where you are careful about in molding work with potter's wheel.

As form changes in drying process, we always assume the completion and mold.
Work reduces approximately 20% when we dry.

With the origin of blue white porcelain, make use of the subject matter.

Finally I would like message to everybody.

", also known as refuse raw with the origin of blue white porcelain in" material

Work which molding, burning, glaze anything may be lacking in is not created.

It is honesty thing which, as a result, appears by all means when we cut corners (laugh)
We think that he/she meets only after being sincere, and facing each other.

Demonstration and experience of industrial arts person are carried out almost every week at artisan corner of Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.
It is valuable chance to be able to look at "gi" of expert craftsman close.
We look forward to visit of many of you.