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Before all steps are over; several years.

Miyako Jofu Sunakawa alone

We visited Sunakawa alone during production demonstration in Aoyama square on November 20, 2013.

◇Basic knowledge of Miyako Jofu is this

How much is it after starting this work?

We count from charges of grandfather, and, in the third generation, it is the eighth year of this year.
If child is born in the future, I want to succeed to this tradition, too.

We spend time of how much, and is it usually completed?

Miyako Jofu linen kind,
"Ramie" We are made with material called this.

We begin thread with place stopping by by hand one by one,
It may take several years before all steps are over.

Can a series of work go alone?

Process is thin-sliced raw fish by division of labor → Design (bind) → Dyeing → Texture → We part from finish for 5 processes mainly.

In the case of production, what do you care about most?

Many craftsmen are concerned with own process in charge of,
It is part of much last finish that spends time, and worked. Swat constantly thoroughly not to damage cloth,
We keep in mind to be able to give uniform fluency and luster.

Cloth which it was hemp cloth, but we finished weaving and swatted and finished,
It is smooth as having attracted low. Cloth which we swat and smoothed off is shiny in comparison with thing before swatting.
Will you understand the difference in upper photograph?

We want more everybodies to know Miyako Jofu

We untie kimono which we sewed from charges of father and begin re-washing to revivify unknown cloth once again.
Miyako Jofu which is full of breathability, and being said to be 3s thing is strong, and lasts a long time,
We would appreciate your knowing to more everybodies.

Sunakawa, thank you for your story while you're busy.

Demonstration and experience of industrial arts person are carried out almost every week at artisan corner of Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square.
It is valuable chance to be able to look at "gi" of expert craftsman close.
We look forward to visit of many of you!