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We will have "horsetail lunch"!

Odate Mage Wappa Akira Shibata Tadashi

We visited Akira Shibata Tadashi during production demonstration in Aoyama square on April 16, 2014.

Production demonstration of "Odate Mage Wappa" by Akira Shibata Tadashi was carried out at artisan corner.

It is direct hit by production demonstration of Shibata today!
Samples of material such as birch and each process were displayed in artisan section.


Work is pushed forward silently.
While somewhat thinking to be shin ina ... for story,
It approaches fearfully (laugh)

When you put not what is opened in a mass beforehand, hole through birch open, and open when you put...
We seem to repeat this and are work to need perseverance.

Concerning new school term, it seems to be the best recommended hao lunch box of this display work.
As this type is on the small side, we just occupy the bottom of the business bag.
At size that is easy to carry, one of the staff purchases this spring, too and uses every day

This "horsetail lunch"
In fact, the name of young lady of Shibata seems to be "horsetail" and seems to be lunch box which she still made for her at the small time. We have the works to this lunch box (now junior high student). . .

You distribute the first step and the second step, and take the second step cover. . . .


We transform ourselves into small lunch box which we used when we pour over the first step with the second step as reverse when horsetail is small! When we want to eat a lot, it is one step on day to want to eat with two steps only a little. It is comfort to be able to receive compactly if we finish eating.

With wonderful idea that came out of family love.

We feel family love for smile bashful a little of Shibata when it was talked about lunch box of horsetail,

Shibata, thank you for your story while you're busy.