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Production center report _Vol.2

Edo Kiriko Eastern Asia glass industrial arts

Visit production spot of Edo Kiriko, Eastern Asia glass industrial arts.

Staff I in charge of Twitter of Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square in February, 2015 performed artisan visit this year! The production center report second. Please enjoy.

Most of companies of Edo Kiriko are concentrated on Koto-ku,
Eastern Asia glass industrial arts sets up factory in Ota-ku.

It is industrial art object which Edo Kiriko cuts glass with color with turning blade only on the surface, and takes design. Parts gaining color seem to be less than approximately 1mm. There is Satsuma cut glass in Kagoshima, but it is one of the big differences that thickness of layer where color gains Edo Kiriko is light.

Extra-large sake cup (the depths) which we made extra-large sake cup (this side) and cut before cut on

Call blade to use when we acquire design with diamond wheel, and there is with metal disk which printed diamond. There are various size, form of blade and many products use more than 10 diamond wheels properly and attach design.
Discal big diamond wheel is ready-made article, but we sharpen small diamond wheel like the photograph upper part originally to cut thing of form such as the photograph center left in form desired and seem to make original.

We allot glass for fixed magic and draw straight line.

It is this design that was made using line where we were able to enter some time ago.

This sharpens glass in disk unlike diamond wheel which we introduced some time ago. We reduce mouth and bottom and use when we give plane cut. We drain emery powder (we do not come luxurious) and water and put from three angles of upper parts and use.

As glass which we were able to sharpen by process by all means is mixed in drainage, we need special facilities. That even if demand for cut glass decreases with the times, and the area of the factory becomes small, we put together in regulation of industrial waste becoming severe, and drainage takes place than before.

Edo Kiriko which is completed in that way, and equals display stand of Aoyama square.
In the line cut smoothly, brilliant feeling, line cut dully feature translucency.

Industrial art object of Edo Kiriko is not only store of Japan Traditional Crafts Aoyama Square,

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