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Power of thing which absorption produces

Echizen Shikki Sho Matsuda trunk

We visited Sho Matsuda trunk during production demonstration in Aoyama square on June 8, 2015.

Lacquer art writer, Sho Matsuda trunk (we wait) in sympathy with tradition of Echizen Shikki.

We are the third generation from Hideyoshi who brought about technique called Kyoto lacquer work and original Matsuda lacquer work that let Aizu Nuri fuse.
We brought about lacquered adhesion technique to the glass surface newly while we succeeded to tradition.

Beautiful wineglass which lacquer work was made on is masterpiece of sagakanshi,
You told how the special technique was born.

-Brief career history -

1965 Fukui life
We study under Mr. Kure, Ishikawa Jotaro Fuji in 1986

-Prize career -

・Four times of prize for Yamanakacho lacquer work exhibition eternal preservation, etc. are winning
・The 25th whole country Laquer Ware exhibition Nihon Keizai Shimbun's president Prize
・Fukui synthesis art exhibition governor Prize
・Secretary of national Laquer Ware exhibition Forestry Agency Prize (parent and child collaboration) 
We win many prizes and continue up to the present day afterwards

(Q) Grandfather of Matsuda, father is with lacquer art writer, too, do brothers come? In addition, would you be brought up with consciousness called "in succession to" business since it was small?

There is one older sister to me, will it be from the time when it was to junior high student because after all oneself is boy, and there was consciousness called the eldest son? We began help of "father" consciously.

(Q) Without authority-resisting age in particular, there was consciousness as "inheritor" naturally. Would it be advanced to the way smoothly afterwards?

As oneself previous touched only classic thing seeing from environment, we went in technical school of design for two years after having graduated from high school.
Therefore we learned that we were not able to learn from modern thing energetically in conventional environment to develop "various sense" and "eyes".

(Q) Will it be by any chance connected in now to have learned at that time?

Well, we think that sense that it absorbed influences oneself later very much at that time.
We learned technique of Yamanaka Shikki after the graduation for five years, and Echizen Shikki, Kyoto lacquer work, Aizu Nuri, Yamanaka Shikki became able to present original lacquer art to fuse and made expensive tea service sets which could wrestle slowly and carefully.

Japan at the time had good economy in bubble heyday and was the time that we were popular by all means if we made good thing.

(Q) We finally come back to the parents' house, and business is inherited afterwards. Would start be favorable?

No, bubble just collapsed in the early 90s at time, and things put cheap coating for appeared to cheap bare wood from Chugoku, and "expensive genuine article" was not popular in no time, and, in fact, income experienced at ultimate time called zero.

(Q) Is it true? Then how was it revived afterwards? 

As it did not manage life, we began shop of mother and two Teuchi soba.
We left main profession and, for one year, wrestled recklessly.

We have seen by putting the body in totally another world. When we would leave main profession, thanks are loved so far by people who were taken care of. But oneself does not have possession.
Therefore after preparing chopstick rest and paper weight into basis material heartily, and distributing stone available anywhere, idea is interesting! Why don't this be sold as own work, too?
It is right eye-opening event that this was said.
Thereafter we put work corner in noodle shop and sold.

There was a lot of having seen by having changed life 180 degrees for one year and we greatly broke conventional style and were able to start again afterwards when we returned to main profession.

We did not sell work via local wholesale dealer and had studio in Tokyo and changed into style that we approached from oneself positively and began lacquer work experiences.
As we can be keenly aware of reaction of customer directly, we think that it was than before in good environment.

In addition, in mother who did only stagehand work including packing and inspection of work so far having learned waiting on customers by experience of noodle shop
We become stouthearted director & producer now (laugh)

(Q) So. When exhibition is done, father always talks to customer in exquisite timing.

Mother is stouthearted sales manager who is indispensable for us now (laugh)

(Q) In closing, we heard that technique to make lacquer work on wineglass and glass including glass was very difficult. Because it did not absorb lacquer when it was hard material, we heard if caused by the fact that lacquer did not get on the surface well. Would you tell me opportunity that would produce these techniques?

Opportunity is to have had story, "we put in souvenir shop if there is industrial art object which made lacquer work on glass" in authoritative national museum before.

At that time, it is opportunity to have promised to be when "we can do it" lightly (laugh)
In fact, we will be sorry right after we said.

(Q) When we say this?

Because it is difficult technique, naturally we do not go so well.
Then we put failure on failure every day and we thought day and night and spent only that we made lacquer work on glass.
We are frantic day after day as having been fascinated by it.

Solution came out to such one day, dream. No, is person whom we told to have gone down right expression?

If human being was frantic and we devoted ourselves to something desperately while struggling and continued pursuing, we thought that answer was thing which went down severely then sometime.
Aura at that time attracts person. Like time when child concentrates on something.
Thereafter my theme is always "absorption".

We believe power of thing which "absorption" produces and are continuing still doing Che range in new thing.

Thank you for your Matsuda, wonderful story.
Lacquer art writer Sho Matsuda trunk exhibition is until Wednesday, June 10. Would you like to come when you are in the neighborhood to see work of Matsuda who is "absorption" by all means?

Lacquer work brings "fine weather" in heart of person
Culture on behalf of Japan

Lacquer work gives glory to tools with thing of "fine weather" brilliantly.
When sense of beauty does not act there, we are not born. It is sense of beauty of ancient people.
In all parts of the world, there is culture using "gold" which is admiration of the human.
We let "gold" adhere using "lacquer" in Japan.

We did not only let you adhere.
"Lacquer" We added this to writing brush and drew Fumi.
And we customized to powder to be more minute, and to express "gold".

Luster of "lacquer" is combined with "gold" in this way
Wonderful "lacquer work" was completed.

The elegance became element which preference of noble society and samurai family society and agreed thing were inherited, and continued evolving.
For 1,500 years, we have been continued bringing up in Japan.
Master of *ha became industrial arts on behalf of harvest, Japan willingly among them, too.

It is called "Japan" abroad and is right Japan itself.
It is course of decrease that lifestyle changed in the present age or does not match capital society.
But it is sorry that we are cut off for such a transientness.

It is culture on behalf of Japan bringing "fine weather" in heart of person.
We want to give life to lacquer work in the thought.
The above is my thought.

... Sho Matsuda trunk ...

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