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Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen Sawako Daichi

We visited Sawako Daichi during production demonstration in Aoyama square on August 11, 2015.

Artisan of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen: Sawako Daichi

Traditional Craft which places design, design, sketch, line masking, color of yuzen with Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen, and performs all the processes until finish alone. It is culture continuing in Tokyo from the Edo era.
We heard story from young Daichi of such a Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.

Opportunity when we began Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen

Daichi who liked Traditional Craft with describing painting from old days.

We will enter this industry triggered by what went to Traditional Craft exhibition which was performed in Nakano-ku, Tokyo after we graduate from university.

The process was such a talk that Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen totally called Daichi together very interestingly, too.

Rotate to rotate

Daichi who came across Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen by Traditional Craft exhibition of Nakano-ku, Tokyo watches to what to do and industrial arts person to enter this industry. When "we went to Kyoto because Tokyo was not recruiting now," Master of Traditional Crafts advised to.

Daichi goes for overnight trip immediately to Kyoto.
Mr. Kihachi Tabata whom what we came across there is called great master of Kyo Yuzen by.

It was Daichi in consultation with Mr. Kihachi Tabata, but answer was not too sweet. The parents' house should have been in Kyoto, but they moved in to Kyoto alone from Tokyo, and it was said that it was considerably severe to enter this industry.
But when "we heard whether you could not be apprenticed to Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen because you were in Tokyo with much effort," to said to Mr. Kihachi Tabata and gave letter for director of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.

Daichi who came back to Tokyo hands letter to director. In being said to director, "we send resume to association though we do not recruit now", and sending resume.

Then voice suffers from Sada Ogura right teacher doing Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen after having done for a while.

It was said "do you do visit to studio though we did not recruit?", and Daichi went to studio visit immediately.

It is revelation to have been predecessors in the family line of Sada Ogura right teacher and Mr. Kihachi Tabata whom Daichi is Kyoto, and ascetic practices ahead of Sada Ogura right teacher met what while we talk in various ways in studio.

Concerning "relationship that what this was," Daichi seemed to be able to enter the world of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen at last.

We are pretty and we are not beautiful and design

While Daichi designs; the most popular owl.

It is said to be "non-trouble" and "Fuki" to owl, and there are good luck and the side called mascot of luck with money up, too.

To thing which Daichi designs, some kind of meanings seem to be put all.

As for a lot of kinds of design of owl, this owl appears in various places of accessory and kimono.

So that person putting on in person, the body to have can find happiness

Latest 12-month cloth pouch - carp streamer ...

Such a design that person to have Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen which Daichi aims at wants to see oneself in just mirror.

It was slightly different from what we wanted to be proud of, and there was play in design and told person that we could make "kusu" and such a thing which laughed.

Competition for 12-month cloth pouch - result ...

Originally design that Edo is smart as for the Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen. Place where Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen has good that slight poor joke makes design.

As Daichi matches sense like young woman with such a traditional way of thinking and is doing manufacturing, Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen which it is not only it though we are pretty, and is wonderful is born.

Other 12-month cloth pouches

Fortune beats

Nandin Dharma

Winter Dharma


Cherry blossom viewing dumpling


Spring Shippo

Month and rabbit and tortoise

In tomorrow weather

To the sea

As for the cloth pouch for 12 months, all patterns are made with thought by each.

Will repeat efforts from now on; and steadily

Daichi who the study era was finally over now, and was able to have own studio.

We entered association of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen and seemed to be able to finally become associate member from April of this year.

There was what you must do a lot to live in this world, but was which we hid hot heart that seemed to be young person craftsman in when we wanted to try hard from now on.

After hearing whether you want to make studio of how much scale, anyway, we harden step with state that is not thinking about raising too much now and seem to want to wrestle by work in front carefully.

When the next generation could succeed the skill of freehand drawing Yuzen who followed about Teshi when you became full-fledged, we had you answer while being bashful.

State that Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen seems to have unexpectedly many people of Daichi's generation, but there seem to be few generations under Daichi, and is uneasy a little in the future.

As we produce by event of Aoyama square and event in department store, and Daichi seems to demonstrate in future, it may be good we talk with the person once, and to look in the world of Tokyo Tegaki Yuzen.

Daichi produces in Aoyama square on Monday on Saturday, August 15 and 17th and demonstrates.

"Tokyo industrial arts dyeing cooperative association" which Daichi belongs to is this