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For Akazu Yaki which anyone can use casually

Akazu Yaki Daigo Kato

We visited Daigo Kato during production demonstration in Aoyama square on September 4, 2015.

Artisan of Akazu Yaki: Daigo Kato

Earthenware which was old with Akazu Yaki, and was baked from the Nara era (the about 700s). It is said to Akazu Yaki having met development that it is opportunity to have gathered industrial arts people in the Azuchimomoyama era by Nobunaga Oda. The Industrial Revolution happens, and we do further evolution, and Akazu Yaki seems to continue up to the present day afterwards.

Akazu Yaki which is inherited as business endlessly

As business for the 27th generation, Rokube the third generation

Akazu Yaki which it might be said that originally family made Akazu Yaki, and was familiar since childhood.

It is potter's wheel experience gadattasodesu as part of class not thing of house at the age of elementary school that firstly touched with potter's wheel. Kato says simply because potter's wheel of house is thing to use for work when parent might not let child touch.

After having taken license of car; ...

Because we came to be able to act freely in midnight when we came to be able to take license of car, we stole into studio of own house with friend well and turned potter's wheel. As we got yelled at when found by parent, we stole at late-night 12:00 and 1:00 and used in secret and seemed to repeat that we cleaned neatly not to come out and left studio several times.

Your parents did not say that it wants you to inherit business in particular, but it may be child that is worried without being said to be if not said. When Kato notices, we come to go ahead through way of ceramic art.

Was division of labor system until now, but will be ... from now on

Kato is in charge of glaze

Akazu Yaki which Kato belonged to performed ceramic art in division of labor system all the time until now.

For example, person turning potter's wheel, person painting with glaze, person who bakes. We polished the technique by performing one process technically.

Kato might say the second son and was accompanied to person who left Akazu Yaki at the start, and was doing Kiyomizu ware. At that time, it is potter's wheel to have learned. But we come back to the parents' house when around three years passed after we begin Kiyomizu ware father fell down.

As the eldest son was in charge of glaze, Kato was called as "person who turned potter's wheel" at the start. It may be said that the industry is severe, and older brother only leaves this world. And it becomes Kato to inherit Rokube and seems to be in charge of glaze.

But it will be ... from now on

It became difficult for union member of Akazu Yaki to continue 10 personality, division of labor system. It seemed to have possibilities to be said that it was severe in traditional way to live in the present.

Craftsman did not go for business by oneself, and wholesale house entered between and was posture to make thing which request came to from there until now. But we make original work more and more before it is accepted an order and seem to change into style to be open with own foot from now on.

As Kato was in charge of glaze after originally having done mawashi with potter's wheel, you escaped having a hard time even if division of labor system disappeared and said when lucky.

Akazu Yaki which Kato makes is ...

We were able to reply that it was, "we make even anything" when we heard when we produced and demonstrated whether you were good at that you prepared what into Kato.

Akazu Yaki was not particular about one form for Kato and was like making bought thing quickly.

Simply because get in hand casually; as work of entrance of earthenware

Finally what kind of thing do you want to make from now on? After hearing this,

You said, "thing which had many people spend casually wants to form".

Some Kato properties are different while we can make thing that people said to be so-called "craftsman" are how beautiful, or there are many people who aim at whether you can make special dish which you can leave in the next generation, and make expensive thing.

In "price range as anyone can have in the hand than high thing,
Many people are like wanting to pick up unintentionally.
And ... which wants to make Akazu Yaki which catches trend that present people demand, and is sold.
But then is office worker this-like?"

You said this laughingly, but is earthenware such as dish or glass which present people buy not works of person having sense like Kato?

We think that we are pounding trend, and work of Kato may come to form meaning at reasonable price more as entrance of person who was unconcerned about convenient ... earthenware too much.

※We are displaying work of Kato by temporary exhibition "ten Akazu Yaki exhibition" until September 9.