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Edo bamboo blind: Kotaro Tanaka

We visited Kotaro Tanaka during production demonstration in Aoyama square on September 14, 2015.

Artisan of Edo bamboo blind: Kotaro Tanaka

Bamboo blind which began in the Edo era with Edo bamboo blind. Unlike bamboo blind made with Kyoto and Nara, we made both of thing which the people at large used that we were used in those days in Edo-jo Castle, samurai family which were noble social position, Shinto shrine Buddhist temple. It is said that it fuses gradually and became current Edo bamboo blind.

As business from the early period of Meiji

Tanaka is creator of Edo bamboo blind of the fifth generation

The reason why Tanaka came to make Edo bamboo blind seems to be that originally family made Edo bamboo blind.
The kind varies even if we go for bamboo blind and a word.
"Uchigake bamboo blind" "sotogake bamboo blind" "application bamboo blind" "accessory bamboo blind"
Kind of bamboo blind that it is like representative from nadoga. There may be thing that thing good at is weak depending on craftsman, but Tanaka can make by hand whichever.

We cut by oneself and go to get materials

We go materials to talk with contracting farming family, and to use by oneself in kari. Unfortunately you must go to other metropolis and districts because there are not materials which are usable on bamboo blind in Tokyo. But own thing seems to still protect the technique from teaching raising by oneself. As production center of materials going to recruit is not only one place, going active samo seems to be necessary for place where the sometimes necessary materials grow.

In the times when we make bamboo blind by machine

We came to make bamboo blind by machine in Japan after bamboo blind of Chugoku product came to enter Japan. There would be only it to overcome cheap bamboo blind of Chugoku product.

But there is place making handmade bamboo blind which continued just pursuing good quality not price game like Tanaka among them.

There seems to be considerable difference in quality with Tanaka reason, bamboo blind made with machine which pretended that we make with handicraft and bamboo blind which it is really handmade and makes. Only it is clogged up with heart of craftsman on bamboo blind.

Figure (figure) to make handmade Edo bamboo blind

Various bamboo blinds which fitted modern style

Bamboo blind as coaster

Coaster which we can actually make with production experience this time.
Difference in color is because kinds of materials are different.

Bamboo blind as partitioning

Bamboo blind of four pieces fold screen is good partitioning in Japanese-style room.
We belong under class of applied bamboo blind.

Bamboo blind for awning and blindfold

It is called sotogake bamboo blind, and kind including "bamboo" "reed" "gogyo" "bush clover" "reed mace" is abundant, too, and color taste is different each, too.

Edo bamboo blind as culture that Japan can be proud of

It is pride of craftsman to continue making with handicraft

Handicraft does not only take effort at time, and technique is necessary, too. Amateur enters aimlessly and cannot do it there for one year.
Handicraft is inefficient thing, but craftsman handcrafting lives not what do business and chooses this industry if we look at thing in concept called business.

Work to do occupation ... life. We do not do to gain.

Therefore Tanaka is particular about "handcrafting" of Edo bamboo blind having been continued since old days.
Even if price is a little than bamboo blind of Chugoku product high to take effort, still visitor follows at time. Such a confidence will be born simply because it is Tanaka who does not neglect training to thing which decided that it is occupation.

It is inherited
       Edo bamboo blind

We do not seem to be yet now when we hear successor. Applicant seems to sometimes only come. As for Tanaka, the most are only when then because "company work does not match" cannot do because "we want to work silently alone" in because "we like the making of thing".

The present craftsman produces from materials procurement and it is usual business, that story oshitarinado, wide ability are found with consumers directly. We do not seem to leave to future successor after having understood such a thing when it is not person who can give own ability.

Tanaka said laughingly saying "successor may not readily appear because we said such a thing to applicant immediately".

It is product made in Tanaka bamboo blind place that Tanaka usually comes. Person worried about Edo bamboo blind, please look in this place.