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Is attracted by profundity of puppetry; ...

Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Ryoichi Arimatsu

We visited Ryoichi Arimatsu during production demonstration in Aoyama square on January 22, 2016.

takumi of Edo Kimekomi Ningyo: Ryoichi Arimatsu

We carved narrow groove and were crowded, and this name was born on part of boundary of fold and scrap of cloth of apparel with Edo Kimekomi Ningyo by putting cloth there (we pretend to be). It is said that kimono-dressed wooden doll was born now in Kamigamo Shrine of Kyoto approximately 280 years ago.

What is opportunity that entered this world?

Originally Arimatsu who was office worker

Parents did puppetry in house of Arimatsu. Therefore we seemed to be interested in "manufacturing" since it was small.

But there was not feeling that it was said to let son inherit business daringly as father who was Master of Traditional Crafts knew strictness of puppetry.

As Arimatsu was brought up by such parents, we seemed to choose way which worked as office worker at the start not the world of puppetry.

"The world of manufacturing" to be worried about

Although we began work as office worker, Arimatsu spent every day that was far apart from "manufacturing" really partly because it was the type of job called sales. So that the result or feeling to "be different" is accumulated; ...

And we decide to leave company after making a firm resolution five years ago when after all we want to do "manufacturing", and to enter this industry and seem to continue up to the present day.

Charm of puppetry which Arimatsu says

One which features numerousness of the processes

If much ability is necessary, Arimatsu says puppetry.

"Ability of molding" to make, for example, form of doll. "Color ability" to choose clothes of doll as. "Ability representing picture" to draw expressions of doll. As all these are work to perform alone, we are not precocious despite one portion when it does not come to be possible all.

But Arimatsu seems to feel charm in place where you must handle lot alone.

Posture of puppeteers of father and old-timer

Arimatsu went after we entered this world to be taught how to make by father and puppeteer who had already exceeded 80 years old. Words of these two people seem to affect heart in particular.

Even if it learns all processes; "study being always necessary."

It was a matter of course that had consciousness that oneself present must study, but seemed to feel when it was active, and it showed depth of this world more than 80 years old that even old-timer who did puppeteer thought, "we must study still more".

... of thing which does not yet have you leave all processes now

Face structure

One of the parts "face" which are important in puppetry.
We do work that we make form with thing which this mixes powder and paste of paulownia and did into a clay form and sharpen. The biggest face was thing of sample, and Arimatsu made other face for exercises.

The making of body

The partial "body" of core of puppetry.
It was the same as face, and this was made with powder of paulownia, too. Making does not seem to have yet performed molding in studio, but repeats exercises when we make with own way every day.

Doll which we gave until the coloration

This doll was made so that part of face shook; is new. This technique was accepted and seemed to come to be made for sale now.
It was said that it came to be gradually detected a little.

It is ... to be glad that we enter this industry

What can talk with visitor raw

The office worker era. It was often thought that we were ordinary and has taken sentence of thanks from the circumference only by concise email even if we worked no matter how much.

But it was for smile really with pleasure, and visitor who bought doll did what sent heartfelt thank-you note in one of eyes after having come to make doll and seemed to feel when oneself did what wonderful work.

Work to be possible for smile in people who can make person happy. You said that you thought that you wanted to do your best for visitor more and yet more heartily when you thought that it was puppetry.

Puppetry which Arimatsu aims at is ...

Old days and the present fusion

Finally he/she answered Arimatsu that we wanted to make thing liked by the present person while after hearing what kind of doll you wanted to make in future, succeeding traditional part of old doll properly.

When it is lifestyle to have just turned big in old days, Arimatsu says. It was surely said to several steps of dolls that a certain thing is great if before age, but there is not space where several steps put doll which there is now, and thing of size in the present house is liked.

Of course it is not only problem of size, but it seems to be posture of puppetry of Arimatsu that challenge modernistic new manufacturing using traditional technique while catching such old days and the present difference.

takumi corner "Iwatsuki Edo Kimekomi Ningyo Arimatsu doll studio exhibition" that production demonstration of such Arimatsu is seen in is performed in Aoyama square until January 27.
You go to visit, and please talk with Arimatsu.