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To make use of good paulownia to the maximum

Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu: Tanaka beauty will tree

We visited Tanaka beauty will tree during production demonstration in Aoyama square on May 6, 2016.

takumi of Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu: Tanaka beauty will tree

Thing with solid feeling that Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu is thick, and is made using pure materials of high quality paulownia is characteristic. According to documents "Namba crane made now more than approximately 300 years ago for history," it is said that it was in the ground of Osaka. Via the ground of Sakai, we came to root in current Quanzhou afterwards. Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu is still chest having feelings and pawn as we compete for the top in the chest industry.

Opening in the days of primary schoolchild

Help of business

In house of Tanaka, we made Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu from the times of old man. Therefore Tanaka seemed to be made to help from the times of primary schoolchild.

All the Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu made in house of Tanaka purchases from raw wood when we hear what you were doing, but lay at appointed place for about 1-2 years after they purchase raw wood by truck. We seemed to do work to carry raw wood to appointed place from this track by way of primary schoolchild.

Is even primary schoolchild made thing? As after asking to, we had you feed udon by eating out after having finished carrying though it was very serious, we said that we tried it hard to work hard. It is scene to appear on the eyes at all.

Opportunity is the bubble time

It was Tanaka who helped family in the days of child, but we may say the second son and we graduate from university of department of engineering and begin to work for company of semiconductor.

But the world is bubble heyday. Osaka Senshu Kiri Tansu sold to be popular, and hands were so in a condition that I ran out. Therefore it is said that we want you to come back as craftsman from house and leaves company where we worked for for three years and seems to continue up to the present day.

As shop did in house of Tanaka, substance, older brother inherited shop, and Tanaka inherited as creator and said to production with all of studio when we wrestled.

Furniture of Hatsune

With Hatsune brand

"Hatsune brand" which is famous in Osaka. It is Tanaka furniture mill where Tanaka is to make it.

Father of Tanaka that it is the second generation that firstly we made furniture of Hatsune.

We make good thing

In mind, we inherit the first skill, and the toiu word can be called result that struggled to spread in the world more.

Hatsune brand was put in Royal Hotel of Osaka. Because there was shop called "Hatsune" in Royal Hotel in the old days. It is Tanaka furniture mill to have made paulownia chest over there.

Shop of Hatsune has disappeared, but Tanaka furniture mill succeeds the name and we register a trademark and jump into fame as furniture of Hatsune now.

Craftsmen of furniture of Hatsune

There is creator of ten people including Tanaka now in Tanaka furniture mill. Six people of those take qualification of Master of Traditional Crafts and seem to work on production facing paulownia every single day.

Person engaged in Traditional Craft gets old year by year, and there is image that young person does not readily begin, but there is characteristic that there are more young craftsmen in place of Tanaka. Tanaka is younger, but six people in ten are one to be younger than Tanaka.

We are only if there are many people who young person knows reality although we enter with strong faith to protect Traditional Craft when we entered, and leave.

As there was experience that had trouble with men-only household of Tanaka furniture mill when Tanaka just came back as craftsman, we said that we knew young feeling.

It is not only chest,
       Container which we made with various paulownias

Rice box case

Container of paulownia to put rice in. There becomes hard to be mold by putting in the paulownia box.

It is chair alleyoop

We can actually substitute as chair which we can sit down on. Furthermore, comfort which even woman can easily move because she is made of paulownias.

Hatsune original paulownia clothes box

Clothes box of paulownia which was suitable to put important cloth. We can protect clothing from mold and moisture.

Thought to give to paulownia chest of Tanaka

Make without just gap

External factor being in any state if sealing is in a state (to be humid time to be rainy), and place where paulownia chest is splendid being able to keep constant humidity.

Almost none of thing, whatever it is, corroding by existence of all "water." Therefore Tanaka says that paulownia which can keep a fixed humidity is splendid material.

Method to make use of characteristic of such a paulownia in to the maximum do not open gap in point of drawer of chest. Of course it is the same about not only chest but also other furniture.
Even if it is told visitor to be hard to open out as there is not gap, we have Tanaka conveys property of paulownia carefully and understand.

In addition, it seems to be that it does hand group not what it assembles by machine to be suitable though rich person makes well convenient furniture. As paulownia is very soft, we yield as soon as we swat. When we yielded, we do embodiment, and point that tree expands when we let you breathe in water from the top, and became dented seems to come back to original shape.

We are whether there does not seem to be yet by machine, and we only see how to compose, and assembling that we use this property made by machine when we know whether you made by hand.

Person who did hand tuple would put strong pattern practice with a partner and said when we could use in peace for a long time.

Still for visitor

Wish of creator spending dozens of years

When we made chest, it was convenient, and Tanaka always said that we hoped that he/she used habitually for a long time for visitor. As we respond after the purchase as Tanaka furniture Seisakujo, we seem to want you to feel pleasure of it being said, and using thing for a long time.

Temporary exhibition that is carried out in Aoyama square as for such Tanaka now "is wazaari in Namihana! It is exhibited by Osaka District alliance society Master of Traditional Crafts society exhibition. Exhibition period until May 11. As production experience reaches, how about talking about good drill with Tanaka by all means?

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