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We saw in what we continued making
Ideal piece which you should aim at

Tendo Shogi Koma Ryo Sakurai

We visited Ryo Sakurai during production demonstration in Aoyama square on July 19, 2016.

takumi of Tendo Shogi Koma: Ryo Sakurai

Officially designated Traditional craft products of the Japanese only piece that Tendo Shogi Koma makes shogi as production center. There were the times when we were made lively in Tokyo, Osaka, Niigata, but there is Master of Traditional Crafts of shogi piece now only in Yamagata. As for the Tendo Shogi Koma, person making bare wood, person making piece carving, one which divides the work with piece book kiosuru person, and makes piece of set are common.

We entered this world

Be recommended to father

It seemed to be opportunity that we graduated from school, and father who had already soaked in the world of Tendo Shogi Koma to the full called out to Sakurai who did not decide what you did in particular.

When Sakurai was born, there was father in the world of Tendo Shogi Koma.

As father made studio in house, there was always Tendo Shogi Koma near Sakurai, but father did not say to want you to inherit the back.

Work of Tendo Shogi Koma which father began intended to end for charges of oneself.

Tendo Shogi Koma without concept of hereditary system system

Tendo Shogi Koma is continued making from the late Tokugawa period, but it is said that we did not have a plan called hereditary system system from that time.

Sakurai said when it was the second generation and did not hear story that inherited the third generation even if we inherited the back.

The name of creator becomes brand name of shogi piece, and it is widely known to the world of shogi and seems to become piece used by official games.

Officially designated Traditional craft products which pursues one's originality because it is writer at the same time as creator of Tendo Shogi Koma is takumi.

Hair color is slightly different from other Officially designated Traditional craft products. Therefore father might not have thought to want Sakurai to succeed either.

While we are engaged in this industry

The world of Tendo Shogi Koma at a complete loss

It was forbidden setting foot in workshop although father made in the same house.

Therefore Sakurai who did not know how you actually made seemed to be puzzled for way of work very much.

We cannot carve letter with how to use chisel using at school even if we say part of letter as for sharpening with chisel.

We put shogi piece to Fripp such as photograph and sharpen with chisel by the right hand in spite of being support with the left hand.

Are there few people who always do how to use such chisel? It seems to have taken one year to carve straight with "one" neatly.

Period before Tendo Shogi Koma which we made coming to sell?

You were able to tell when you heard when it was that we became able to actually sell to Sakurai as product if it was about time when it passed for seven years that high-quality seijokoma was popular for the first time.

We continued making for seven years and seemed to come to be finally detected from the circumference.

Tendo Shogi Koma having been recognized as high-quality article…

Handling in shogi piece

Other schools included shogi piece made in Tokyo, and this came to be inherited in Niigata.

Meanwhile, high-quality shogi piece used for professional official game was made in Tokyo and Osaka.

It was not luxury brand made a fool of in Tendo Shogi Koma hatoiuto, shogi world.

It was father of Sakurai to have wanted to overturn recognition not to be high-quality.

It seemed to become famous as production center that made high quality shogi piece of hand-carving that remained alone in Japan as a result that father continued making shogi piece of hand-carving of good quality.

What we were in this world for 20 years and understood

Moment to feel one's growth

Sakurai that we entered the world of Tendo Shogi Koma when we noticed, and 20 years passed. Thing which we saw answered when we heard that it was about time when we just began whether you had changed that different.

When we just began, daily life was over just to do the best recklessly, but is when we knew that there may be thing which should do it this way for piece which oneself makes these days more.

For example, we seem to have possibilities to give system of more carving whether way of expression of more letters can devise.

But problem to know simply because we saw figure of piece to idealize among Sakurai when it changes way of speaking. Sakurai thinks that only it is sincere, and it is opposite to shogi piece.

Opportunity was Sakurai who was light feeling, but said when we wanted to continue making all the time while finger moved now.

We buy shogi

Be demanded from lover who does not change

After hearing what kind of person person who purchased shogi piece was, of course professional person was able to tell now when 90% was person of lover.

It is the present conditions that buyers decrease as for the Officially designated Traditional craft products in comparison with the Showa era, but, with respect to shogi, number does not seem to change that much in all ages.

Lover may have constant people consistently simply because it is the unique world.

Sakurai who reported this time was exhibited by temporary exhibition "production center selection third DENSAN the craftsman exhibition".

In addition, HP where information of Sakurai appears in is the following.
Piece http://www15.plala.or.jp/kikusui50/ of sukuisui