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The world of Kurume Gasuri to draw for space and free idea

Kurume Gasuri Toshihiro Tanaka

We visited Toshihiro Tanaka during production demonstration in Aoyama square on November 1, 2016.

Kurume Gasuri Toshihiro Tanaka

It is important intangible cultural asset, and Kurume Gasuri is appointed in Officially designated Traditional craft products. There is the history more than 200 years and features "this indigo dyeing" "binding by hand" "handwoven textiles". In addition, in Officially designated Traditional craft products said to that we were devised by one girl, it came to be used habitually for clothes or interior other than kimono.

Opportunity that entered this world

We liked describing painting since childhood

Father of Tanaka was existence that was near since Tanaka was young in creator of Kurume Gasuri.

Such Tanaka liked describing painting since childhood and seemed to draw person images of parents.

And we majored in art in junior college and came to learn sketch and came to draw person gadakedehanaku flowers.

Think after junior college graduation

After having graduated from junior college, it is Tanaka who was going to live freely, but we think that it should be early again if we inherit Kurume Gasuri of the parents' house and make up our mind to inherit business right after graduation for a while.

Design which Tanaka creates in that changes. Originally Tanaka came to draw abstract picture for own sense because design of Kurume Gasuri was abstract design. Tanaka seemed to find own way in abstract picture that we described at the age of junior college although it was different how to describe.

In the world of Kurume Gasuri

Formal view of the world

Traditional design of Kurume Gasuri patternizes the same design. Number used for motif varies according to creator, but it is common to describe to fill the cloth.

Actually, work of father of Tanaka adopts traditional style, too.

But this design seemed to learn tightness for Tanaka.

Tanaka continued strongly thinking that Kurume Gasuri might cause design with a space more in space and decided to bring about new design.

We subtilize own sense

Design of traditional Kurume Gasuri was not bad at all, but there was thought to be prohibited in Tanaka as it is.

Traditional style that we cannot break production process of Kurume Gasuri. But we seemed to consider so whether you could evolve design ...

The world that Tanaka feels

The world of three-dimensional wind

We take space widely more and less spoil tradition of traditional Kurume Gasuri. It is this kimono that we think so and were made.

As for this kimono, wind becomes motif.
In design of flower preventing describing only in own sense, and, besides, existence that eye does not show from being seen with long distance feelings.

Because we make wind bright color, we seem to appear on the front and express three-dimensional impression in one kimono by doing it this way ... to see to stand back because flower is doing in dark color.

This work won Okinawa Times prize (Seibu Traditional Craft exhibition) in 2016. There is work of Tanaka to a lot of things with water as motif as well as wind.

Kurume Gasuri which we continue preparing point into from now on

Work which valued space

Made works which valued space; some raised criticism at first from the circumference. Only father of Tanaka seemed to say, "we should do as we would like" in that.

Therefore Tanaka believed oneself and continued making work until now. And work which we made being conscious of space won and seemed to come to be finally evaluated from the world.

It is the way of the world it is important to follow tradition, but to become outdated only because of defense. Tanaka may be going to open up course of new Kurume Gasuri simply because we know it sensuously.

As for such Tanaka, "Kurume is exhibiting by pickpocket Tanaka cloth with splashed pattern studio exhibition" now artisan corner of Aoyama square until November 2.
Please come to see work of Tanaka at this opportunity!