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Master of lacquer work of Sanjyo Butsudan trying every possibility

Sanjyo Butsudan Miyuki Kasuga

We visited Miyuki Kasuga during production demonstration in Aoyama square on March 31, 2017.

Sanjyo Butsudan Miyuki Kasuga

Sanjyo Butsudan is Officially designated Traditional craft products of Sanjo-shi, Niigata. It is nature of the locality that famous temples are erected so as to be called "Buddha capital Article 3". Opening as Sanjyo Butsudan is said to be craftsman engaged in Higashi Hongan-ji annex building made in the Edo era and we inherit the technique and are continuing making now.

Sanjyo Butsudan which had relationship from old days

Be provoked by older brother

Kasuga who liked describing painting from old days. When we were thinking about course, it was said whether you did not try if interested because there were few people with lacquer work as older brother (already playing an active part as woodworker of Sanjyo Butsudan then) and seemed to begin to walk way as Master lacquer work of Sanjyo Butsudan.

Parents were not creator, but might choose the way without sense of incongruity because there was friend of Household Buddhist Altars shop to parents.

Activity in Article 3, swallow, Nishikan Household Buddhist Altars association

Article 3, swallow, Nishikan Household Buddhist Altars association was established in 1978 and received designation as Officially designated Traditional craft products from country in 1980. Kasuga tells to be one concerned with from setup of the associations in that.

There is that we got married on the way and has passed through association, but we return again and seem to be active as now main members.

Article 3 manufacturing school

On Saturday as lecturer

Kasuga is playing an active part as not only manufacturing but also lecturer now.

We open Officially designated Traditional craft products [Sanjyo Butsudan] production experience studio with Yamada doing coat foil of the same Sanjyo Butsudan at "Article 3 manufacturing school".

At Article 3 manufacturing school, metal beating copper utensil and type printing experience, metal engraving experience, factory flea market are carried out other than Sanjyo Butsudan, and "working" comes to be able to sense "learning" bodily in "we play".

Kasuga was lecturer only on Saturday, but talked if experience here was very fun.

Width of manufacturing of Kasuga seems to open until now as we strongly receive idea and stimulation that we did not hit on.

Master of lacquer work-style of Kasuga

When Kasuga just entered this world, lacquer work to Household Buddhist Altars was often found and described Chinese phoenix and the Seven Deities of Good Luck, the hills and rivers of traditional design carefully. But we are that you should create to teacher more freely after it was said when we began the way of expression of own way.

In what we are asked for lacquer work to thing except Household Buddhist Altars by acquaintance when it passed for dozens of years after Kasuga becomes master of lacquer work and describe. Because there was not idea that we drew on others, it was very fresh, and it seemed to be fun.

You felt various possibility now and said when you wanted to describe in tea service sets such as jujubes (jujube).

Various lacquer work

Discerning spoon

Work which it seemed to be uneasy, but there was not problem and commercialized when we might be produced immediately as this was the first time that we put lacquer work for stainless steel materials when we used.

Dice-shaped pierced earrings

Product which we made for this display newly. Very cute.

Lacquer work of new attempt

There is small hole in this semicircle and becomes necklace when we let string and chain go through. Product which we made while exploring when you could not do something.

Sanjyo Butsudan after this

Finally after hearing successor of Sanjyo Butsudan, as for the master of lacquer work, there seem to be still people to young generation. But woodworker and master of metal fittings are made to take the critical situation. Even if after all lacquer work and painter had successor, youth who was going to become woodworker seemed to be in condition not to be and, at other production centers of same Niigata, said when thinking about why you would go in future.

It is performed now at artisan corner to have had talk this time; to "next one step! Kasuga of master of lacquer work exhibiting for Sanjyo Butsudan exhibition. Kasuga demonstrates in Aoyama square until April 2.

Come to Aoyama square by all means afterwards as you can see demonstration of Takahiro Igarashi of master of metal fittings until from 3 to 5 on April.