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One's individuality to find in traditional Satsuma Yaki

Satsuma Yaki Willow Shinichiro

We visited willow Shinichiro during production demonstration in Aoyama square on May 9, 2017.

Satsuma Yaki Willow Shinichiro

It is said to be opening that Satsuma Yaki was made by Korean ceramist whom Satsuma feudal lord brought back at the end of 16th century. There are white Satsuma and black Satsuma and said earthenware in Satsuma Yaki, and one different in soil using each features. In addition, as for the system, there are states in the same Satsuma Yaki including bed for rice seedlings river system, vertical field system, dragon Moji system, west Mochida system, porcelain system.

Opportunity to go ahead through way of Satsuma Yaki

Satsuma Yaki which was near from old days

Father of willow is person painting white Satsuma.

Therefore willow had continued seeing painting after childhood and spent the child times to like that we described painting.

Because father did not say that we wanted you to inherit the back, willow seemed to do not mean to walk way same as father, too. But you majored in ceramic art naturally when you entered Kagoshima University and said when you had begun to walk way of Satsuma Yaki when you noticed.

Difference of potter's wheel

Satsuma Yaki is division of labor system, and, as for the person painting potter's wheel with person to work as, different person is common.

Because father of willow was person whom we painted, there was kiln for painting in house. But closed down willow commencing with work as person whom potter's wheel painted, and kiln for this roast (potter's wheel) seemed to buy university after graduation, too.

Temperature to be paid is different by kiln for painting and kiln for this roast, and there comes to be high temperature in kiln for this roast.

Traditional Satsuma Yaki and individuality

We aim

Satsuma Yaki which willow aims at do not run out of traditional Satsuma Yaki. And you made use of traditional technique and said that it was to express one's individuality.

There are a lot of things receiving designation of Officially designated Traditional craft products, but willow feels when thing which just keeps tradition from old days alive decreases.

We surely change in the times, and manufacturing that we matched with the present person is necessary.

But it is different story again that cut off thing which, even so, follows from old days. You said after having succeeded properly without it being said that the willow just made old thing when you wanted to establish one's style.

Accessories of wife and Satsuma Yaki to make

Satsuma Yaki does not forget approach to new form, too.

It is accessory that willow makes. Potter's wheel and painting reach by yourself, but wife makes part of metal fittings and cooperates in couples.

After all back of father is wide

There is reason so that willow is particular about "traditional Satsuma Yaki".

This is because father of willow was famous for traditional painted white Satsuma. As we are brought up to see painting of traditional Satsuma Yaki since we were young, sense of incongruity may not wipe when we see too innovative thing.

Design that willow draws has states from plant to creature. What's called first did not seem to have which particularly, but said if it was fun now to describe person.

But neither plant nor creature feels oldness though person seems slightly good old all even if modern people see. Feeling that continues making love to tradition of willow and new thing will appear for painting.

While there is little creator of white Satsuma

Soil of white Satsuma and soil of black Satsuma

We are divided into white and black when we distribute Satsuma Yaki roughly, but impurities are not included in soil of white Satsuma.
This is because it cannot give clean white when impurities enter.

Willow has feelings to white Satsuma on such a part.

You only said to structure that could do something about this now because there was difficult point that stain was easy to hit when we usually did for errand when you wanted to do.

Willow which had you talk this time exhibits "living by the Loan Object Exhibition skill of early summer feast tradition happily".

Please see discerning Satsuma Yaki while asking about story by all means during until May 17 as we produce and demonstrate approximately every day.