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Way of oneself whom we found in Arita ware making artisan of life

Imari Arita Yaki yaho*hidarieimon

We visited yaho*hidarieimon appearing on artisan corner in Aoyama square on July 3, 2017.

Imari Arita Yaki yaho*hidarieimon

Korean ceramist whom multi-Hisanaga gatekeeping Anshun which is vassal of Saga feudal lord, Naoshige Nabeshima when Hideyoshi Toyotomi challenges in 1592 and sent troops at the time brought back discovers high quality clay for chinaware in Izumiyama, Arita-cho, and it does Arita ware making by opening to have been burnt first Japanese porcelain.
As for the Arita ware making, being divided into specialized labors is common even now. That is because there are reason that degree of difficulty of one process is very high in and two roles of prevention of technical leak each.

Encounter with ceramic art

Former work is local public service worker

Originally Yashiki was local public service worker of Fukuoka.

Yashiki who was police officer thinks that it is having unique career among craftsmen even if we say local public service worker.

Police officer was strong in unity as organization and seemed to be organization which must hear all order when Yashiki took if seniority and rank were one and were the top.

There was unreasonable thing like daily occurrence and Yashiki who thought that in this situation we were wrong went to night school and received senior examination and climbed situation that had subordinate.

We were promoted to section manager at the age of 28 years old and came to have 55 subordinates.

But unreasonable environment did not change even if promoted and learned sense of incongruity on seeing the world that section managers of the circumference reached at the expense of subordinate.

Work of section manager is because it is thought of Yashiki that is to fix environment where subordinate is easy to work.

When we walked Imari of Saga with the parents' house of wife aimlessly, Yashiki who felt that this world was over unlike too own character met ceramic art.

The world of charmed ceramic art

Choice is agriculture, fishery, industry

When we had begun to think that we resigned as police officer, we thought what Yashiki would like for the next occupation.

When it is one of "agriculture" "fishery" "industry" that oneself can do, remembered, but field is necessary to do agriculture, and ship is necessary to do fishery, deha industry…When we thought about this, we seemed to remember ceramic art that we came across in Imari.

Yashiki visited studio of Imari and applied for apprenticeship.

There was Yashiki who resigned as police officer in various ways and would finally use seirokukama afterwards for 15 years.

It is theme park after the independence

After the independence, voice appears from Pau, Arita serine park, and Yashiki will demonstrate in front of customer.

As we were not seen in general person during ascetic practices, we seemed to have possibilities to be puzzled while it was the beginning. But we came to understand the close trend of customer while we were seen every single day.

For example, so that person that is felt that is just looking in the way that it is easy has know whether is actually what kind of thing as was; is metemitarinadodesu in production experience at the beginning.

When we were taken care of here for approximately approximately five years and could touch ceramic art experience-based total customer with approximately 16,000 and were had an experience valuable at all, you said.

Teshi "work of Miki" of Yashiki displaying together this time at artisan corner

Chopstick rest

Chopstick rest which pretty painting is described in one by one


We make bowl of the same form, and picture expresses original view of the world


Form is the same teacup, but this is seen in totally different teacup by how to put pictures, too

Ceramic art-style of Yashiki

Make use of the past life

The life of Yashiki was not at all flat thing, but figure which rearranges all of them in feeling of thanks, and challenges ceramic art runs out for a word of "it is great".

People of smile may gather in the circumference of Yashiki simply because "suffering a loss" "profits", and "liking" does not judge which "we do not like", and things are alone, and person puts centering on not being able to live, and they are practiced.

When after asking such Yashiki what thing which we wanted to make would be in future, you wanted to make "*tsubo" (you do not pass you come) lifework, you said.

It seems to be thing which pot of photograph takes 11 years and was able to finally make.

"*tsubo" (we do not pass come) to make while there is difficulty peculiar to few porcelain to earthenware. What kind of this time; will turn up?

How can you reduce memory effect?

Difficulty of porcelain

Yashiki says that memory effect is to porcelain.

It is phenomenon that nature and the outside are round when time rises and turn at even if we make flat thing.

As there is individual difference in memory effect, even thing which we made at the same time is different in way of appearing in. But you said when it was professional work that built up thing which was almost the same form even if we compared wrong.

And he/she told whether you made whether it was handmade by machine because memory effect did not take place when we made with machines such as press when we could judge there.

Such Yashiki comes by artisan corner "hand wazano white fuyaho*hidarieimon, Mikiko Shirasu master and pupil exhibition" until July 5.

Yashiki worried about view of the world, view of the world of Imari Arita ware making come by all means.