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Run after Higo Zogan - ultimate simple o

Higo Zogan Asao wing

We visited Tsubasa Aso appearing on artisan corner in Aoyama square on August 22, 2017.

Higo Zogan Asao wing

It accomplishes change to thing which it put together in current lifestyle including accessories and accessories after Law banning private possession of swords of 1876 (Meiji 9) by opening that Higo Zogan was used for the brim of gun and sword.

From metal engraving to Higo Zogan

The American times

When we were in our early twenties and explored what oneself could do as for Aso while working in Japan, we found place that carved metal in the United States and went to the United States.

It was called out by one of the teachers of school at the same time to have graduated from school of metal engraving and seemed to begin to do work of metal engraving in company of the teacher.

When we were in Japan, it was local Kumamoto who did not think that much, but we were often asked about Japan when in the United States and came to be interested what kind of country Japan was myself.

And, after stay for 5 years, we seemed to come back to Kumamoto with strongly having interest in Japan.

Kumamoto and Higo Zogan

Metal engraving such as silver made personally even after coming back to Kumamoto that was hometown, but were not able to readily find in form called company work.

In knowing successor upbringing project of Higo Zogan, and participating in such a case. Aso went into the world of Higo Zogan in this way.

Difficulty and fusion technology of traditional technique

Difficulty of texture limit

It was Aso who was engaged in metalworking product in the United States, but said when we had a hard time though we mastered texture limit to become basics of Higo Zogan.

We put texture limit for base of iron, and play an important role when we fit pure gold and pure silver in iron.

It was important whether it was made cut like which between 1mm, but it seemed to be about time when, as for what we became able to think to have mastered by oneself, ten years were over after we were engaged.

Two points of view

Metal engraving technology that it is commercial that Aso learned in the United States. And it is technique of Higo Zogan of Traditional Craft to learn in Kumamoto.

We think about whether thought, one leave technique traditional how for the world what one should do to make a large quantity of things in a short time. When become choice of manufacturing simply because is contradicting thing, and fuse, and separate, is different from other people; seem to be able to consider.

In addition, not only way of thinking but also tool is the same. When there was choice that it was said to do to this tool when you made this because tool which we used in tool and Japan which we used in the United States was usable both and it was said more and could make thing precisely, you said.




Cherry tree

In a piece of light

Aso pursues

It seems to be thing matched with anything from now on that pursue.

Aso who it is industrial arts person, and is not writer is not interested in own reputation and complicated decoration. It is simple and makes for squid, and squid seems to have a meaning whether you put up completeness, and you can make.

In addition, thing performed luxurious thing and decoration of did not have end, but the same thing said to simplicity when it might be said.

There turns neck to the last point even if we trimmed to where. The last point is not to luxurious thing to the maximum either, but minimum to be simple does not have the last point either. Therefore we may be worth aiming.

While being tainted with the world of Higo Zogan

Days when it is touched by thing of nature

Things of nature including the trees and plants and insect seemed to increase thing which stood out recently.

As for the work of Aso, a lot of things which designed imminent thing will express visible thing of oneself using technique of inlay.

In addition, thing which Aso made is popular with not only Japanese but also overseas people. Not only technique and tool but also sensitivity may be that the Orient and the West fuse.

Tsubasa Aso who had you talk this time,
We were "just performing artisan of demonstration after section Kumamoto Higo Zogan exhibition earthquake disaster" from August 18 to 23rd.

As you demonstrate at the Kumamoto prefecture and other places, please call out if you see. You can talk about Higo Zogan in detail.